Lithuanians: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Imagine my surprise this AM upon receiving a message from our Legal department, informing me that a box of 100 "possibly counterfeit" OTN T-shirts have been intercepted by Customs in Lithuania. They even sent me a nice pic:


My first thought: "Wow, the ultimate compliment!"

My second (correct) thought: "OMG, Lithuanian Customs has intercepted the T-shirts intended for our Oracle-on-Linux Installfests in the Baltics next week!" Talk about an international incident...

Thanks guys, but the T-shirts are genuine. In fact, if you are reading this blog in Vilnius, Riga, or Parnu, on Sept 11-14 you have the opportunity to
learn how to migrate to Oracle Database 11g on Linux with Oracle's top migration guru, Barry McGillin, via OTN and the local Oracle teams. You'll also learn how:

� To install and configure Oracle Database 11g on Enterprise Linux

� Oracle Apex helps you consolidate rogue desktop environments

� Oracle SQL Developer makes it easy to migrate non-Oracle databases

All attendees will receive free Oracle Developer and Enterprise Linux
software - everything you need to build a complete Oracle on Linux
stack. And you'll also get a T-shirt, if they arrive!

Check the Developer Events Calendar for venues etc.


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