LinuxWorld Installfest/Kernel Hacker Sightings

Another LinuxWorld nearly in the books. Odd, IBM and Red Hat were not
there (for second year in a row I think, in Red Hat's case at least).
IMO this show, perhaps more dramatically than any other, LW has left
its geeky, grass-roots origins for a much more corporate position (sort
of like Linux itself, actually).

The highlight was
the presence of several of Oracle's Linux kernel hackers/engineers at
the "Oracle on Linux Experience" on Wednesday afternoon (a glorified
installfest really) - Mark Fasheh (
maintainer), Joel Becker (
Sergio Leunissen (
Linux Network
, and one of Oracle Apex's original developers),
and Van Okamura (
Validated Configurations
). This was a great treat for
attendees, and we got most of it on video. (Don't worry, we'll share
that when available!)

Sergio at the Oracle booth

Installfest: Mr. T

Installfest: Cluster raw ingredients, waiting for the chef

Installfest: OTN's own Todd Trichler takes attendees through the steps.

Installfest: Mark Fasheh's OCFS2 quick tour.


`InstallFest' Eh? I was the only person in the room installing Oracle and I didn't even get into the picture :). It was great anyway. Share my thanks with `John', er, I mean Todd. See you next year! Dave

Posted by David Sanabria on August 23, 2007 at 04:34 AM PDT #

To be accurate, this event was not billed as an "installfest" at LW, but the software was available for those who wanted to.

Posted by Oracle Blogs on August 27, 2007 at 12:01 AM PDT #

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