Liberate Your Laptops! The Return of Virtual Developer Day

Many enterprises are reducing travel, conference, and training budgets for their developers without any change in expectation for the results those developers must deliver. How can you keep up?

Well, some months back we offered you a Virtual Developer Day on the subject of building Rich Enterprise Applications, the key piece of which was free access to a cloud development environment for hands-on. Now it's back, new and improved!

Join us for a FREE, online, multi-language event series for developers (English version is on July 27) at Oracle Technology Network 's Virtual Developer Day. This unique one-day event provides you the opportunity to:
1. Get trained on Oracle Tuxedo from the comfort of your laptop
2. Get hands-on, locally with Oracle VM VirtualBox or via the Cloud
3. Learn what Python, Ruby, and PHP have to do with Oracle Tuxedo
4. Network online with peers, Oracle Tuxedo architects and developers worldwide
5. Sessions, Labs, and Live Help in LOCAL Languages!

Review the agenda details, dates, and language support options. Space is limited, so register for this event now!

For information and to register go to:"

Just for information. There's an event for Russia/Europe and there's also mentioning of local languages. Can we assume that this means you can choose which language you follow it in? The amount of languages in the Russian/Europe area is rather large!

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2010 at 11:15 PM PDT #

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