Larry Ellison on the Future of Java: "Expanded Investment"

For those of you who missed the JavaOne opening session this morning, which included a joint appearance by Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy, I bring some choice quotes from Ellison which speak for themselves:

"(Oracle) has invested more than anybody else in Java technology in terms of dollars over the years, and we intend to invest -- and accelerate our investments -- going forward."

"Our whole next generation of business applications, something we call our Fusion Suite of applications, is built entirely on Java. This will be the first-ever set of ERP and CRM applications built on a standard platform...We were able to do that because Java is open and extensible."

"I don't expect a lot of changes, just expanded investment and a lot of enthusiasm coming from Oracle."

"Look at the past to see the future. "

I should also remark that Ellison spoke very highly of JavaFX, mentioning it several times.

Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema has posted a succinct summary of this appearance as well.

Update: I have included the relevant video snippet below.


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