JavaOne and Oracle Develop vs Oracle OpenWorld


This year, Oracle OpenWorld will be held Sept 19-23rd in San Francisco.

Also this year, JavaOne and Oracle Develop will be held Sep 19-23d in San Francisco.

How can that be?

Simple. Oracle has acquired the city of San Francisco.

OK, not all of it. But an awful lot of it.

And it didn't actually acquire the city of San Francisco. It just sorta borrowed it.

So, Oracle OpenWorld will be hosted at the Moscone Center, as usual.

But JavaOne and Oracle Develop will be co-located at the Hotel Nikko, the Hilton, Parc 55, and the surrounding area - collectively known as The Zone.

What's the difference between the three events?

Oracle OpenWorld focuses on technologists, business users, and partners. As it always has. JavaOne and Oracle Develop help developers and deployers of Java, Solaris, and Sun server and storage systems interact, share information, and learn.

Registration is now open for both developer events:

- Rick


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