JavaOne Russia and JavaOne India

JavaOne India was held in Hyderabad in early May. There were approximately 3,000 developers in attendance. Sonya Barry, Community Manager for Java.Net, and Tori from the OTN team were in the Oracle Technology Network booth.

We gave away software DVDs of Pre-Built VMs for Developers.  They were a huge hit, even though the software is free and easy to download. Bandwidth is at a premium in India (the convention center was charging $40 USD a day for wifi!), so downloading 7GB can be a real challenge.  We ended up giving away all 3000 of our DVDs in a matter of hours! Once we gave away all the DVDs, traffic to the booth was slow but steady. In general, the crowd was very enthusiastic.

Thanks for coming folks!

Sounds like you could have used a "please copy to your hard drives and return" policy. Or a "plug in your USB drive and we can copy it on for you while we talk"

Posted by Gary on June 01, 2011 at 09:19 AM PDT #

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