JavaOne 2007 Guide

So today we published the traditional Oracle Java Developer's Guide to JavaOne 2007, where you can get an overview of Oracle-led technical sessions and BOFs, the content of this year's free software DVDs (there are two of them), info about how to get a free pass to a special showing of Spider-Man 3 at The Metreon (awesome, state-of-the-art cinema right next to Moscone), etc.

I'd like to say that you should keep your eyeballs on some specific conference themes, but I think we all realize that at a conference this big, deriving "meaning" is an artificial exercise.

That being said, you will be exposed to some very interesting developments re: Oracle's involvement in Spring and Eclipse (Oracle Fusion Middleware is becoming better integrated with OSS all the time), and Oracle's acquisition of Tangosol is sure to put the issue of Java application performance/scalability on the front burner this year. Technologies such as the latter's Coherence distributed cache have become very popular because of this well-known pain-point.

What are you looking for at JavaOne this year? Sound off....


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