Java Road Trip: Code to Coast (#javaroadtrip)

Hey, have you heard? The Java Road Trip bus may be stopping at a city near you this summer, starting June 14. And your peeps at Oracle Technology Network have donated some goodies.

What is the Java Road Trip? Basically, we have packed a rock-star bus with demos (Java FX, Oracle ADF, Java EE 6, JDK 7, GlassFish, Java ME) and are putting it on the road; it will make 20 stops across the U.S. in the next couple of months (and MAY may make a special appearance at JavaOne, if we can find a big enough parking space). In many cases these stops will coincide with Java or Oracle user group meet-ups and will always involve beer, food, and free stuff. Furthermore, engineers from HQ will be flying out at various times to rendezvous with these meet-ups and answer your questions.

Also, because this tour will only reach a relatively small number of people, we're working hard to provide a virtual experience: there will be a blogger/videographer/photog/tweeter on board, reporting on its every move. You'll find all this content at, and you can get real-time updates via @java.

And this new update: If you're attending ODTUG Kaleidoscope in Washington, D.C., in late June, you'll get a chance to see the Java Bus in all its glory. And don't forget your t-shirt, cup, and screen cleaner, all provided by Oracle Technology Network.


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