Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM Awareness: It's a Question of SCALE

Last month, at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) in L.A., OTN's Chief Installfest Officer Todd Trichler was present on the exhibitor floor to sling free software (Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM), as he is wont to do.

Todd also had the presence of mind to take a small survey sample among the 1,000 attendees, with questions focusing on awareness of the availability of free Enterprise Linux ISOs from OTN, of Oracle VM, and of VM templates for Oracle Database, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, or SOA-on-Oracle WebLogic Server.

While a good number of the attendees had some general idea about Oracle's activity in the Linux and virtualization areas, many were surprised to realize the extent of Oracle's commitment there - that is, about the existence of actual supported products. To many, the existence of Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM was news. This is quite surprising considering the sophistication of the audience - this was not LinuxWorld (now "Open Source World", I believe), after all (Did I just say that?)

We clearly have a lot of work to do in this area. Any suggestions?





I have to say in the OOW2008, there was not too many sessions on these products, and it was a quite surprise for me. They are Oracle products, aren't they ? Oracle is identified as the number one of database, no doubt. But it has never "over" communicate about OEL and VM. Of course, Oracle did, but it was to a "confidential" public, and stay so far like that. Moreover, if Oracle wanted to promote those products, it would be interesting to find the associated forums much more easier than it is currently to help the community to grow as well. Where is the VM forum ? And there is no forum dedicated to OEL, is it ? For OEL, a free Linux distro, why not create a specific blog and look for being more referenced onto ? I think Linux "geek" would be more tester interesting if it was really a more open world.

Posted by Nicolas Gasparotto on March 02, 2009 at 09:16 PM PST #

I will help you spread the word if you answer this question, which my Oracle Services Renewal specialist cannot answer, and cannot find anyone else who will answer: The licensing for OEL is by the physical CPU. What if you are running Oracle VM, with lots o' OEL guests running in vm's? Do you get support (patches, patch management system) for all the instances of OEL running on that 2-socket machine, for the support price of just those two sockets? Or do you have to pay for each instance of OEL running on the hypervisor? thanks Peter

Posted by Peter on March 24, 2009 at 01:25 AM PDT #

This answer from Wim Coekaerts himself: "That's correct - You pay for the physical system, not each instance. So if you run Oracle VM on a 2-CPU box, and you have a Linux support subscription for 2 CPUs, you can run 10 VMs or 100 of them. You're all good."

Posted by Justin Kestelyn on March 24, 2009 at 01:46 AM PDT #

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