Free Developer Workshops: OTN Developer Day

Update: Registration for Denver (Oct. 11) and Atlanta (Oct. 18) now open; LA (December) coming soon!
I'm happy to bring you the news that Oracle Technology Network will be offering free developer workshops ("OTN Developer Day") around the world in 2007-2008, with the first set to occur in the U.S. (Redwood Shores, Denver, and Atlanta) in October. (You may remember these workshops in their previous incarnation as "Oracle Developer Day".) Because frankly, all the social networking/interaction/community building in the world is no substitute for hands-on content and experience.

This is a great opportunity -- whether you are a current customer or noncustomer -- to "bone up" your Java and SOA skillset in an informal, interactive setting staffed by technical experts. (It is also likely that you will see workshops focusing on database app development, and possibly Java development with Spring, later in the year.) It also doesn't hurt that you'll get free (for development purposes) software and a chance to win other goodies.

If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to register for the Oct. 1 Redwood Shores workshop (theme: "Hands-on SOA"); I'd love to meet you personally and get your feedback about this format. Reg for the Denver (Oct. 11) and Atlanta (Oct. 18) workshops (theme: "Using Fusion Development Tools") is also available now.

Of course, you can view OTN's full Developer Event Calendar at at any time. Currently this is based on Google Cal, but eventually will be replaced by a link to the "Developer" facet in the Semantic Web-driven Oracle Events system.


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