Expectations and more....

I spent quite a bit of time talking to a number of attendees and asked them one question "What do you hope to learn at Oracle Open World this week?"

I have inlinded few of the responses. Share you expectation in this blog. We would like to hear from you.

Today's Q&A

John Richter, DBA, Veritas

I want information on Oracle Applications 11.5.10, Oracle 10g Database, Oracle 10g Application Server, basically new information, new technologies I need to learn, migration techniques across versions, maintenance and support issues. All this in one place, which is very convenient.

Avi Duvdevani, CIO, New York City Housing Authority

We have a number of applications in the financial material management. I am here to learn about the other modules in the e-business suite -- oracle service, customer relationship management. I have also been invited to the leaders circle.

Kevin Belanger, DBA, Fidelity

I am here to learn more about 10g database � new features, high availability, Rac, Linux.

Rosemary A.Secoda, Director of Project Accounting, Michael Baker Jr., Inc

I am looking forward to the next few days, being able to see the great town, and take some pictures. I love photography and have brought 10 rolls of film with me. I also hope to network and meet experts. My expertise is in the projects module and I am excited to learn about the new applications 11.5.10 release and the enhancements to the project management capability of Oracle.

Jason Tyler, Java Developer, The Jackson Laboratory

I am interested in knowing what�s going on with JDeveloper and Oracle ADF. As an organization we are really focusing on Oracle Collaboration Suite. We need more generated code and need to bring applications up quickly. Hopefully, JDeveloper will bring that for us. We want to bring new methodologies to our development. And that is why I am here.


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