Enterprise Apps: Rich and Loving It

With the publication of Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema's 2-part article about implementing cell highlighting in rich enterprise applications (REAs) based on JSF/ADF Faces, OTN has dived into REA evangelism with full force.

The production release of JDeveloper and ADF 11g - with its Rich Faces components - are what make this possible. We can now commit ourselves to churning out actionable content that will help you get started building REAs without further ado.

OTN Developer Day workshops are another great resource in this area, because their sole agenda is to bring you up to speed about how to build these new apps in a hands-on environment. We have a few other things up our sleeves in this area, as well.

For this reason, I find the recent comments by Google's Dave Girouard (coming out of the Web 2.0 Summit) a little misinformed; REAs (as enabled by ADF 11g) are designed specifically to resolve the "disconnect between the innovation and user experiences delivered in the consumer world and the stagnant, unenlightened world of enterprise computing" that he spoke of. This approach, in fact, is the essence of Fusion development - the fruits of which we all hope to see soon.


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