Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp Post-Mortem

The very first Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp, which set up shop yesterday at Oracle HQ, is now history. Although the "recruit" attendance was not what we expected - there were a lot of no-shows, perhaps to be expected on a Monday - the feedback was excellent.

Ajay Gandhi, previously from BEA and now a senior member of Oracle's Enterprise 2.0 team, provided a nice, balanced introduction. We had two very good overviews of corporate blogging, an introduction to social media strategy from our own Marius Ciortea, a wiki primer from Stewart Mader (formerly of Atlassian), and perhaps best of all, a deadpan delivery of "Enterprise 2.0: How You Will Fail" from the illustrious Bex Huff (an Oracle ACE Director). The latter was a source for some particularly good quotes, such as my favorite: "Where there is lack of shared purpose, information sharing leads to chaos." Amen, my friend.

More color is available at the Boot Camp wiki; we expect all presos to be available there shortly.




There were some surprises. First of all, despite the fact that we explicitly targeted LOBs as recruitment targets, most of the people who showed up were in IT. I was also surprised to see virtually all of Oracle's global advertising team there - I'm not sure why exactly, but kudos to them for playing.

The working group was small, but it was active, with plenty of questions pertaining to privacy/security (one recruit from a bank was particularly discouraged by these challenges) and metrics/measurement. We're all in the same boat, folks.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Will we do more? Yeah, I think we will.


I'm glad you enjoyed my talk ;-) I promise to have it up on slideshare tomorrow, and I'll update the wiki...

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