Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp

This is something you'll want to know: Registration is now open for the Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp on July 28 in Redwood Shores.

Most of you would agree, I'm sure, that the "soft" issues pertaining to deployment/use of Web 2.0 tools and technologies in the enterprise ("Enterprise 2.0" for short) - cultural change, privacy, best practices, internal collaboration - are top of mind right now. What company worth its salt has *not* considered, or begun to consider, the organizational impact of such deployments (exclusive of specific technology choices, which comparatively speaking are rather tactical in nature)?

We think these issues are really important, and we also think that the people affected by them are eager to share their concerns and experiences, as well as to hear those of others. Why do we think this? Because at Oracle we are going through this same process. For example:

- What are the privacy and HR implications of internal social networks?
- What are the "fiduciary" responsibilities of employees in the blogosphere?
- What is the business value of building "community"?

Notice that I have not mentioned technology here, because these questions are pertinent and important regardless of your platform/technology choices.

Perhaps most interesting - and also most risky - is the unconference format of this event. After a brief welcome, we will encourage attendees to form their own working groups/sessions and follow through accordingly. At the end of the day, we'll all rejoin for knowledge transfer, networking, and drinks. We don't expect every attendee to be familiar with this format, but we think it's important that the event itself align with the principles involved.

Enterprise 2.0 Boot Camp is free, and we'll get breakfast and lunch. Please do register, because we'd love to hear from you there.

Some supporting resources: Mix group, wiki


Might I say that if they're serving the beef short ribs in the conference center that day, then this alone would make the boot camp worth attending. But in all seriousness, can you provide a bit more detail on the "unconference" nature of the day? In other words, are there suggested tracks or topics for folks to organize themselves around, or is the day intended to truly be free-form?

Posted by everythingsteve.com on July 12, 2008 at 11:50 AM PDT #

Hi Steve - for starters, I made a few suggestions in this very blog post. There are a few others in the Bootcamp wiki: http://wiki.oracle.com/page/Enterprise+2.0+Bootcamp

Posted by Justin Kestelyn on July 13, 2008 at 04:55 PM PDT #

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