Embedded Oracle: The Global Leader?

As an end-of-year tidbit, let me also include a piece of news that I nearly missed last week:

Leading Research Firm Recognizes Oracle as Leader in Worldwide Embedded Database Management System Vendor Share (download report excerpt here)

Oracle, the king of the relational database, now the embedded database leader as well? In my view this is something of a sea change signaled by the SleepyCat and TimesTen acquisitions, I'm not 100% sure this market was taken extremely seriously by Oracle previously (Oracle Lite notwithstanding). IBM, of course, fired the first shot in this skirmish with its acquisition of Cloudscape some years ago (which has since disappeared from the map; witness IBM's solidDB acquisition of some weeks ago. IBM also now owns Bruce Scott's PointBase by virtue of its acquisition of DataMirror.)

As an insider I can confirm that Berkeley DB is ubiquitous to an ungodly degree; it can be found in places that would surprise many people. Apparently Oracle made the right choice.

I spoke with Oracle's embedded development VP Mike Olson via podcast recently; it's a good source of further info in this area. My podcast with BDB architect Margo Seltzer is a good listen too; between those two old UC Berkeley Comp Sci department hands, I learned a lot.


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