Dorsey to Discuss Repository-Based Application Development

Building complex applications has always been a daunting task. Even harder is handling changing business rules without continually rewriting your applications. Repository-based application development takes an interesting approach to solving both problems. It aims to build applications quickly and more easily while still maintaining acceptable performance � either on the web or in a traditional client-server environment.

Monday�s technical session �Repository-Based Application Development,� presented by Dr. Paul Dorsey, co-author of seven Oracle Press books on Designer, database design, Developer, and JDeveloper, discusses how UIX/Struts-based environments can benefit from accessing rules in the repository at runtime. Paul describes a simple application repository built to support a complex set of order entry applications. In Paul�s opinion, �Building in JSP/Struts is often difficult for traditional client/server development teams.� Paul hopes to decrease the complexity of J2EE development by providing an approach that lowers the technical bar for developers.

Dorsey, also the chief architect for Dulcian's Business Rules Information Manager (BRIM®) tool, says that �repository-based application development enables you to build very complex applications with all of the rules placed in a repository to make it easier to move from one environment to another.�

You can find out about the data model used to store application business rules by attending session #1043.

Session #1043, � Repository-Based Application Development ,� takes place Monday December 6th at 11:00AM in Moscone West Room 3002.


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