Database App Development and Migration: Tools That Rock

Man, Mike Hichwa's team at Oracle is spinning out some incredible
database tools. These are the guys and gals responsible for two of the
most innovative things to come out of here in a long time, Application
Express and SQL Developer. I view this group as a "skunk works" that
has some pretty nice flexibility in terms of its role within the Server
Technologies division here at Oracle, and the results show it.

It's amazing to me that prior to 10g, Oracle's database tools strategy was almost non-existent. Now, it leads the industry.

SQL Developer 1.2, now production, now incorporates a completely re-developed Migration Workbench. As Donal Daly points out,
this release makes Oracle the first vendor to release a migration tool
integrated directly into an IDE. (See a bunch of online demos here.) So, migrating to Oracle from Access, MySQL, or SQL Server is now just so much easier than it was previously.


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