Customer Service, Community Style

Rich Manalang has alerted me about the new "people-powered" Satisfaction service, which I would best characterize as a warm and fuzzy discussion forum (with some other bells and whistles).

In general, discussion forums can be intimidating places for newbies; "RTFA" and "RTFD" are the dominant codes of behavior. Discussion forums are also not the best place to ask questions of an innocently naive nature.

We've discussed this idea a bit at Oracle and even threw some Askville-like concepts around. Satisfaction, I think, could be an interesting POC for this idea.

Have innocently naive questions about Oracle? Ask some members of the community at getsatisfaction/oracle. (Disclaimer: this site is not endorsed by Oracle, and any employees participating are expressing their own personal views. In summary, it's not for "support"!)


I've just used this. Two great things (apart from all the clever Ajaxy stuff) 1. 4 employees are listening to me! 2. I don't have to register.

Posted by Paul Morriss on September 13, 2007 at 12:55 PM PDT #

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