Content Catalogs for JavaOne, Oracle Develop, and Oracle OpenWorld are Ready


American Major League Baseball Umpire Jim Joyce made one of the worst calls in baseball history when he ruled Jason Donald safe at First in Wednesday's game between the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Indians.

The New York Times tells the story well. It was the 9th inning. There were two outs. And Detroit Tiger's pitcher Armando Galarraga had pitched a perfect game.

Instead of becoming the 21st pitcher in Major League Baseball history to pitch a perfect game, Galarraga became the 10th pitcher in Major League Baseball history to ever lose a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning. More insight from the New York Times here.

You can avoid a similar mistake and its attendant death treats, hate mail, and self-loathing by studying the Content Catalogs just released for Oracle OpenWorld, Java One, and Oracle Develop conferences being held in San Francisco September 19-23.

The Content Catalog displays all the available content related to the event, the venue, and the stream or track you're interested in. Additional filters are available to narrow down your results even more.

It's simple to use and a big help. Give it a try. It'll spare you the fate of Jim Joyce.

- Rick


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