Congrats to the Oracle ACE Director of the Year...

Francisco Munoz Alvarez (AKA @fcomunoz)!

We can't explain the reasons any better than Oracle Magazine, the sponsor of this award:

When it comes to learning something new, Francisco Munoz Alvarez doesn't look for a teacher; he looks for someone who has a problem.

"One of the best ways to learn is by helping others," says Alvarez. "When someone has a problem on an OTN [Oracle Technology Network] forum, I enjoy trying to assist them with it. I've learned a lot by trying to help other Oracle users to solve their problems."

Over the years, he has learned enough to become an Oracle ACE, an Oracle ACE Director, and now Oracle Magazine's Oracle ACE Director of the Year. Alvarez is also the founder and CEO of Database Integrated Solutions.

For Alvarez, learning--and helping others--takes legwork. This year, as an Oracle ACE director, he has appeared at 22 conferences in 18 countries, where he not only gives talks but takes the time to answer questions and assist users with complex Oracle challenges. In addition, he frequently helps his blog visitors (about 25,000 per month) solve difficult Oracle-related problems.

Given that he's also president of the New Zealand and Chilean Oracle user groups and the Latin American Oracle User Group, Alvarez' energy seems to have no limits when it comes to the Oracle community. He himself puts it best: "I never get tired of helping people learn how to share their knowledge and experience."

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Francisco is also the main organizer of the Latino America OTN Tour 2010, in which he and Oracle ACE Directors such as Hans Forbrich, Dan Morgan, Ronald Bradford, and Dan Prusinski will join Tom Kyte and others in a 7-country speaking tour.

Congrats, Francisco, you deserve it!


Heartiest Congratulations to Francisco! A great Oracle Evangelist! A well deserved award!

Posted by Mohan Dutt on October 07, 2010 at 02:54 PM PDT #

Congratulations! To the OTN team: I am looking for information about the ACE Employee path. Could you please let me know where to start? Many thanks @lex

Posted by Alexander Hansal on October 10, 2010 at 04:16 PM PDT #

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