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Yesterday I got my hands on the Conference Proceedings from Oracle's 1983 Int'l User Group Conference in Boston:


The TOC is really a kick; papers include:

  • "Using ORACLE as the Cornerstone of a Corporate MIS" (Mark Filteau, the BDM Corp.)
  • "Uses of ORACLE in the NOVA Laser Control System" (D.L. McGuigan, Lawrence Livermore Labs)
  • "A High-Level Interface Between Personal Computers and Mainframe ORACLE" (Martin Gardner, STSC Inc.)

Oracle's address is listed as 3000 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA.

Did anyone out there attend this conference?


I can't say that I attended the conference - I was too busy reading Paddy O'Furniture jokes on "NetNews" at the time - but I did some research on the PCs that would have been used to access Oracle on the mainframe. According to , those powerhouse IBM PC XT were powered by 4.77 MHz processors, supported 80 x 24 text displays or up to 640 x 200 graphic displays, and could support up to 640K of RAM, giving you the power you needed for terminal emulation - and all for only $8,000. It was fun to note that STSC stood for "Scientific Time Sharing Corporation." That entity is now part of JDA Software, but I doubt that you can buy time on their systems any more...

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