Build Your Own Oracle RAC Cluster on Linux - Again

Oracle ACE Jeff Hunter's "Build Your Own Oracle RAC Cluster on Linux and FieWire" is easily one of the most influential pieces of content ever published by OTN, if not by Oracle itself. I personally have received countless emails from users about its value for evaluating RAC (or for just playing around). (Amazingly,  customers continue to open TARs against this content despite the bright-red "not supported" disclaimer on every page.)

The beauty of this document is that it's alive. Jeff has put lots of time and effort into updating it for new drives, I/O cards, FireWire modules, etc. But the penultimate update is due shortly, as Jeff is busy migrating the config from FireWire to iSCSI, utilizing Openfiler for shared storage management. As usual, the config will utilize CentOS in place of RHEL (we want to keep costs to an absolute minimum) and various other COTS components.

As an added bonus, you can watch the Oracle Linux team assemble a similar config during the "Oracle on Linux Experience" portion of OTN Night on Monday Oct 23 (during Oracle OpenWorld). Maybe we can get this on video for those of you not present...


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