Best of OTN - Week of January 26th

Happy Friday!  Best of OTN coming at you!

Architect Community - 

The Question Lingers: Who Gets to Be an Architect?
Does someone become an IT architect simply by the assignment of a title? Who decides? Who defines that role? Listen to this podcast from the OTN ArchBeat archive as four working IT architects debate those questions and more.

Podcast: Taking Charge - Meeting #SOA Governance Challenges - Part 1
A roundtable discussion with four experts on the current state in the evolution of SOA Governance: what old problems persist, what new problems have presented themselves, and what can be done to implement an efficient and effective SOA governance program.

Flexible Manipulation of Session Timeout for Oracle Identity Manager Web Applications
Oracle Fusion Middleware Identity Management solution architect Firdaus Fraz's concise article focuses on session timeout configuration for Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2PS1 using an Oracle WebLogic deployment plan.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart:
The Super Bowl: 5 Years from Now, by Ben Jurney (from McSweeney's)

Java Community - 

Java Magazine is all about Big Data

Video: Java 8 Data and Time API

Coding on the Java 8 Date and Time API with Jim Gough from the London Java Community (LJC).

Blog: Groovy Crosses the Line with 3 Million Downloads a Year

Friday Funny from Tori Wieldt, OTN Java Community Manager: Geeks and Non-Geeks


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