Best Of OTN - Week of January 19th

This is going to be a short one this week.  Here is a list of upcoming Virtual Events from OTN before we get into the Best Of Content - 

Virtual SysAdmin Day - 2014 - Tuesday January 28th  - 9am  to 1pm PT / 12pm to 4pm ET / 3pm to 7pm BRT

Oracle Technology Network's FREE Virtual Developer Day: Building and Deploying Oracle Database Apps Using Modern Techniques—Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 9am  to 1pm PT / 12pm to 4pm ET / 3pm to 7pm BRT.

Virtual Developer Conference:  Creating a Foundation for Cloud Applications using Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Coherence
- February 20th, 2014 - 9am - 1pm PT / 12pm - 4pm ET / 3pm - 7pm BRST

Architect Community - 

Your SOA Governance Homework for the Week
Here's your homework for the week: watch two video interviews with SOA Governance experts, read a book written by one of those experts, and read an OTN tech article by two other SOA Governance experts, all in preparation for an upcoming OTN ArchBeat Podcast on, that's right, SOA Governance.

Working with Oracle Security Token Service in an Architecture Involving WebLogic and OSB
Ronaldo Fernandes slaved for hours risking carpal tunnel damage to write this step by step guide to creating a single sign-on between Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Service Bus using Oracle Security Token Service (OSTS) to generate SAML tokens.

Using OUD as a WebLogic Authentication Provider
Oracle Directory Integration Team software architect Sylvain Duloutre discusses the technical details behind the use of Oracle Unified Directory as an external authentication provider for Oracle WebLogic.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: Report: Lake Ice Grows Safer To Venture Out On With Each Beer Consumed (from The Onion)

Java Community -

Java SE 7 Update 51
Java SE 7 has been updated, and important security changes are included.  

NightHacking Worldwide: Lambdas
Replay video of the NightHacking Worldwide Event with Brian Goetz and Stuart Marks on the new Java 8 Lambdas API. 

Java 8 is Coming to EclipseCon
A Java 8 Day has been added to the EclipseCon (San Francisco) lineup. 

Friday Funny -
Q: Why do programmers mix up Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because Oct 31 == Dec 25
Thanks @chad3814  

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