Are We Wasting Our Time?

This morning I attended a breakfast seminar with Robert Scoble (now of social media company PodTech) keynoting on the impact of social media (blogs, podcasts, videocasts) on corporate marketing/communications.

I didn't hear anything extraordinarily new, but he did relay some interesting anecdotes about how even a single grass-roots "influencer" can be more influential than an "A-lister" like himself. Scoble asks the rhetorical question: Would you rather be mentioned by Walt Mossberg in WSJ, or by the blog that Walt professes to read every morning?

This got me thinking: 3 years ago, Oracle did no blogging or podcasting at all; now, is in full bloom and Oracle TechCasts are a fixture of our interactions with users. Has it made a difference, do you think? I have to ask:

  1. Has the Oracle brand, in your mind, changed at all during that time? Be honest.
  2. Do you feel that Oracle is now more responsive to your concerns, less reponsive, or the same?
  3. Do you feel you have more "marketing neutral", actionable content available to you, less available, or the same?
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The Oracle brand has changed a lot in my mind over the past three years. Oracle used to be a software stack company, recent acquisitions have changed Oracle into a predominantly vertical application company. Oracle is ***FAR*** less responsive than it was a few years ago. OTN's content is about as marketing neutral as ever. Most of the OTN podcasts/blogs are heavier on the marketting garbage than the web content, but the web content is gradually getting better and hopefully the blogs and podcasts will improve too.

Posted by Steven Ensslen on September 28, 2006 at 03:52 AM PDT #

I think the blogging initiative is a major step in the right direction. This makes Oracle's experts more easily reachable and thus the technologies it supports. Podcasts are a usefull piece of information and introduce a new way to learn from a company and 0technologies. I'd like to say that the demos available (viewlets) are also a great medium. All of these combined, it helped me make my mind about Oracle. Conclusion is that i firmly believe that fusion is a first choice. The technology roadmap seems promising although not perfect. It needs to get more matured and a serious price drop for wider adoption. For example XML publisher is far too expensive even for medium company. Seb.

Posted by sebnoumea on September 28, 2006 at 04:04 AM PDT #

I love the new blogs site and podcasts. I visit on a daily basis and most of the times multiple times a day. It keeps me informed and as the previous poster just said makes Oracle's experts more easily accessible to the community. These in my eyes are definitely 2 steps in the write direction. So yes I do believe Oracle is more responsive now than it ever was before. -Alan

Posted by Alan Williams on September 29, 2006 at 01:36 AM PDT #

1. I do think the Oracle brand has changed. I don't think that this is a result of blogging and techcasts. To me it is the result of participating in JCP, donations to open source and eclipse projects. 2. Blogging and techcasts are one way communication media. Responsiveness is measured better by beta programs, user groups and forums. I think this is about the same as it used to be. 3. The blogs are defnitely more marketing neutral, and most of the content on OTN is too. Two additional comments: - I do think Oracle has gained a lot of presence in the java world by blogging and doing techcasts. - I honestly don't know the answer to the rethorical question. But then again, I am not a marketing and commucation person ;-)

Posted by Lonneke on September 29, 2006 at 06:05 PM PDT #

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