All Over but the Shouting

OK, so Oracle OpenWorld 2006 is a wrap.

IMO, this was clearly a "consolidation" show. At no point did I sense any confusion or discomfort among attendees, whereas last year -- on the heels of the PSFT acquisition's close -- these feelings were literally "in the air" (in regards to Oracle as well as the event itself!). In fact, this year's conference almost had a pleasing dullness about it; the kind of dullness you appreciate after returning home from a very long and hectic business trip.


  • Unbreakable Linux. Based on the vast number of completely faulty predictions I read prior to Wednesday, this announcement took nearly everyone by surprise. If you're an Oracle customer running your business on Oracle and Linux, what's not to like? (BTW, you can download free ISOs right now if you want to play around. Sergio from the UBL team has provided some screenshots from the install here.)

  • Oracle Database 11g. The "change assurance" release, as Andy Mendelsohn calls it. Refer to my post here, and listen to the podcast featuring Tom Kyte on the subject.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12. Nice UI!

  • Oracle Developer Depot. The download of this preview has already proved to be wildly popular on OTN.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Rel 3. Talk about "growing up" - once a modest database management tool, Rel 3 will support management functionality across the entire stack - from OS, through the application layer, all the way up to the end-user - in all-Oracle or mixed environments
What were the highlights for you? Would love to know.


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