AJAXWorld Missives: It's Not Just for Kiddies

AJAXWorld is just about in the books (Oracle was a Platinum Sponsor this year), and based on Oracle Development Tools VP and Chief Architect Ted Farrell's keynote, the AJAX "honeymoon" may soon be ending, as it gets a serious look from enterprise-class IT departments.

Tony Baer offers an excellent analysis of Ted's keynote, with the main point being: don't dive into an enterprise AJAX-style programming approach without an enterprise strategy, regardless of its eye-candy appeal for building rich clients. For enterprises, which typically lack agility, are highly regulated, and are strewn with legacy applications in any case, it makes much more sense to commit to a framework (JavaServer Faces being the ideal example for Farrell) that allows you to abstract trendy scripting languages (like AJAX) and back-end APIs out of the development equation. This is an interesting perspective that hasn't received the attention it deserves from AJAX/Web 2.0 fanboys, but with Oracle increasingly involved, perhaps it will.

In general, enterprise-class concerns touched by Web 2.0 (and they all do) - security and privacy foremost among them - are really being glossed over. These are issues you may hear increasingly about from Oracle.

Let's not forget the pix:

Keynote action shot

Oracle booth action shot


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