A "My Oracle Support" Primer

Yesterday @eddieawad let the proverbial cat out of the bag about the new My Oracle Support community set to launch within the next few days. My Oracle Support will replace Metalink as the formal process channel for Oracle customers with support contracts.

I got a demo today, and it's pretty slick - nice UI, tagging, new forums built on WebCenter Interaction (formerly AquaLogic User Interaction), document sharing, etc. The community is also aligning with OTN in recognizing Oracle ACEs, and their reward points system is also identical to ours. The My Oracle Support team is very interested in collaboration with us, which is a good thing.

The question will surely arise though: Why YAC (Yet Another Community)?

Well, the simple answer is: because support customers want it. These features have been specifically requested by those folks. And it's plain common sense to accept that the community peer-support model can help defray support costs.

Confusion is sure to occur, however. People who are active OTN members may now be tempted to donate their precious time elsewhere, especially in a new community that is a blank slate - think of all the new community reputations to be built! And Oracle end-users who are unfamiliar with our Chinese menu of community offerings will wonder where to post their questions (if they don't already).

It could end up being a boon to OTN however - we will have to sharpen our commitment to evangelism, and make our differences with formal support even more stark. I would also like to think that people will tend be more active in and committed to a free and transparent community, vs. one behind a firewall. Time will tell on that subject.

What do you think we can and should do to make OTN and My Oracle Support as complementary as possible?


Hi Justin, Excellent that someone is asking these questions! My thoughts? Many in the general Oracle public are confused by which to choose from the slather of Oracle based "community" sites, or unaware of them, and now My Oracle Support is throwing another into the Mix (pun intended) ... and I'm assuming MOS will all be behind the walled garden of "CSI" land, ie. only for paying Support customers? The real (non Oracle employee) experts answering questions on Oracle Forums are going to be fragmented more by YAC - and I bet very few will jump the fence into CSI land if they are disparate, so I fail to see the point. At the end of the day you pay Support to provide you with software patches, and an SLA to answer the phone/provide a solution to your problems. And even that is hard enough for Support to meet on many occasions! How about Oracle opens up the Metalink (or MOS) knowledge base to the public and provide incentives for the Support team (or even the public) to answer questions posed on the public Oracle Forums? Now that would make a difference. And with "correct" answers being rewarded on forums.oracle.com, they could be "incentivised". How about linking as many of the common systems as possible. E.g. a forum posted on MOS appears on forums.oracle.com and vice versa. Everyone registered on MOS appears on Oracle Forums / Mix / Wiki and vv. As much content as possible is posted both on the inside MOS, and outside (duplicated). Yet to see the workings of MOS, so fingers crossed some of these suggestions will be met. Regards, Gareth

Posted by Gareth Roberts on October 29, 2008 at 10:15 AM PDT #

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