Friday Feb 28, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of February 23rd

OTN is always finding GREAT content to share!  Here is just a sampling from this past week...

Java Community -

Vert.x: A Project to Watch
Vert.x is one of the most popular Java projects on GitHub. Sometimes called "Node.js for the JVM," it is a ployglot event-drive app platform. It is 100% open source.

10 Examples of HotSpot JVM Options in Java
Developer Javin Paul provides examples of 10 different categories of JVM parameter which he finds useful and uses more frequently than others.

Learn about Lambdas at the Java 8 Day at EclipseCon
Alex Buckley, spec lead for Java and the JVM, is one of the many great speakers at Java 8 Day at EclipseCon. He'll speak about the Java SE 8 language changes and will take a detailed look at their use by the parallel streams libraries.

Friday Funny: List of Animals with Fraudulent Diplomas

Database Community

Big news: 3 new releases for Oracle Developers - Oracle APEX Listener is now Oracle REST Data Services.

Hey Big Data Fans: Got slides? Mark Hornick gives an overview of how to use Oracle R to unlock the value of Big Data, and the advantages of using R for Data Loading, Discovery and Data Prep.

Friday Funny from Laura Ramsey, OTN Developer community Manager:  Roland Smart, VP of OTN and LMGTFY expert, promotes his presentation at SXSW:

Architect Community

Simplifying Enterprise Mobile Integration | Mala Ramakrishnan
"There are two ways to developing an enterprise mobile strategy with SOA -- controlling the end-to-end integration experience from the enterprise to the hand held, or exposing enterprise assets through APIs for third parties to build out mobile solutions," says Mala Ramakrishnan. This post kicks off a three-part series that looks at the role Oracle SOA Suite can play in Mobile Service Enablement and API Management.

Why use Groovy with WebCenter Sites? | Michael Sullivan
"Leveraging a Groovy element gives the developer all the advantages of cleanly packaging business logic in a JAVA syntax scripting language while maintaining the ability to publish and reload code changes dynamically," says solution architect MichealSullivan. Read his detailed post to learn how.

Podcast: Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Disruptive Tech - Part 1
In part one of this three-part program, Oracle ACE Directors Ron Batra, Basheer Khan, and Floyd Teter discuss the importance of understanding the difference between technologies that disrupt and technologies that sustain innovation, and acting on that knowledge.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: A Brief History of Husbands