Thursday Feb 27, 2014

Oracle @ EclipseCon 2014

EclipseCon 2014 is March 17-24 and Oracle is once again a sponsor.  Check out the GREAT content Oracle is organizing below and register today if you haven't already!

Java 8 Day
The Eclipse Foundation and Oracle are hosting a Java 8 Day at EclipseCon 2014. This will be a great opportunity for Java developers to learn about the new Java 8 features and share in the excitement of the Java 8 launch.

Developing On-Device Java Mobile Apps for iOS ... and Android too!

Now you can leverage your Java development skills to build mobile applications that install and run on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Build HTML5 user interfaces, integrate with native device feature (camera, GPS, etc.) and use Java for the business logic - then deploy to multiple platforms from the same code base. This demo focused session.

Java Application Development Lifecycle in the Cloud

This demo-driven session, explores how to quickly provision a development environments, manage application source code with GIT and Maven, track development Tasks using Mylyn-based issue tracking system, collaborate with teammates on code changes with Code Review, document development processes with hosted Wikis, and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Eclipse Hudson with Oracle’s Developer Cloud Service.