Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

New Recognition Opportunity for Oracle Community Members

Oracle ACE Program Announces: Oracle ACE Associate

The Oracle ACE program recognizes individuals in the community for sharing their insight and real-world experience. It has over 400 participants in 50+ countries worldwide. The program is now comprised of 3 tiers:

  • Oracle ACE Associate
  • Oracle ACE
  • Oracle ACE Director

The Oracle ACE Associate tier is the baseline entry for community members who are just getting started with their community activism and are working on building their network and community profile. ACE Associates aspire to contribute at higher levels. The addition of this new tier will provide opportunities for further growth and activity.

The Oracle ACE and ACE Director tiers are designed for community members who have proven their dedication to the Oracle community and have a long history of sharing their technical knowledge and experience through various channels: blogs, discussion forums, social networks, event presentations, book authorship.

Participation in the program is by nomination and all levels have a set criteria that must be met to qualify. To learn more about the Oracle ACE Program visit: oracle.com/technetwork/oracleace or these quick links: