Monday Feb 10, 2014

APEX 5.0 Early Access--Get it here!

Big Week for APEX.

First, APEX celebrated it's 10th anniversary.   

And then, the team launched the APEX 5.0 EA1 program.  

Probably the coolest page for an Oracle EA program I've ever seen.  Watch the video tutorials...and get your APEX moving. 

Major Enhancements include :

  • A new "Page Designer": a completely new IDE designed to greatly improve developer's productivity, allowing you to very quickly enhance and maintain pages within Application Express.
  • Modal Dialogs: Now you can easily define modal (and non-modal) pages complete with the ability to utilize standard page processes.
  • Navigation Lists: The Application Builder has used navigation lists for years.. and now you can, too!
  • Interactive Report Enhancements: In Early Adopter 1, end users can now define a pivot report at runtime, which is similar to defining a group report.
  • All New Calendar: The new calendar component comes with built in support for Month, Week, Day, and Agenda views and is much easier to customize.
  • Shared Components File Upload: Files uploaded into shared components can be cached by your browser and are now referenced using relative file urls.
  • Reimagined User Interface: A competely reimagined user interface for Application Express which is focused on simplicity and removing clutter.

You can find more information and videos on Enhancements and Request a Workspace to test. Visit

And here are a couple of excellent Blogs that will keep you up to date on APEX tips and tricks:

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Ciao for Now!