Sunday Jan 26, 2014

Virtual Developer Day: Database Developer and Admins Get Ready!

What's happening on February 4th?  OTN Virtual Developer Day for Oracle Database Admins and Developers. Get your skills on.

The OTN Database Community has spent the last 4 weeks hammering out the hottest Virtual Developer Day agenda ever...featuring presentations from 5 ACE Directors,  plus technology sessions from Oracle product and engineering teams covering Oracle Big Data and 12c Database technology information that can only be found during this event. 

The event is all about Building and Deploying Oracle Database Apps using Modern Techniques...and we're not kidding around. XML Database app development, Hadoop Connectors, NoSQL, Oracle Advanced Analytics, In-DB Map Reduce, plus hot sessions on VM Performance Tuning, Pattern Matching, Best Practices for App performance and scalability and ADO features of Oracle 12c.

You have to be there.

Register here

Get your system ready

Show up for 4 hours of serious skills infusion on February 4th.

Ciao for now!