Friday Jan 31, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of January 26th

Best of OTN - Week of January 26th

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Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

IMPORTANT: My Oracle Support and OTN Profiles Merge on January 31, 2014

For My Oracle Support Community Users...

On January 31, 2014, we plan to migrate the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) to the same platform used for the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) forums. This platform will bring new community features to help make it easier to find information through a more intuitive interface, and enhance the way you connect with Oracle experts and industry peers. If you are a user who has the same email address that accesses both My Oracle Support Community and OTN forums, be sure to read this important blog brought to you by Oracle Support.

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Sunday Jan 26, 2014

Virtual Developer Day: Database Developer and Admins Get Ready!

What's happening on February 4th?  OTN Virtual Developer Day for Oracle Database Admins and Developers. Get your skills on.

The OTN Database Community has spent the last 4 weeks hammering out the hottest Virtual Developer Day agenda ever...featuring presentations from 5 ACE Directors,  plus technology sessions from Oracle product and engineering teams covering Oracle Big Data and 12c Database technology information that can only be found during this event. 

The event is all about Building and Deploying Oracle Database Apps using Modern Techniques...and we're not kidding around. XML Database app development, Hadoop Connectors, NoSQL, Oracle Advanced Analytics, In-DB Map Reduce, plus hot sessions on VM Performance Tuning, Pattern Matching, Best Practices for App performance and scalability and ADO features of Oracle 12c.

You have to be there.

Register here

Get your system ready

Show up for 4 hours of serious skills infusion on February 4th.

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Friday Jan 24, 2014

Best Of OTN - Week of January 19th

This is going to be a short one this week.  Here is a list of upcoming Virtual Events from OTN before we get into the Best Of Content - 

Virtual SysAdmin Day - 2014 - Tuesday January 28th  - 9am  to 1pm PT / 12pm to 4pm ET / 3pm to 7pm BRT

Oracle Technology Network's FREE Virtual Developer Day: Building and Deploying Oracle Database Apps Using Modern Techniques—Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 9am  to 1pm PT / 12pm to 4pm ET / 3pm to 7pm BRT.

Virtual Developer Conference:  Creating a Foundation for Cloud Applications using Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Coherence
- February 20th, 2014 - 9am - 1pm PT / 12pm - 4pm ET / 3pm - 7pm BRST

Architect Community - 

Your SOA Governance Homework for the Week
Here's your homework for the week: watch two video interviews with SOA Governance experts, read a book written by one of those experts, and read an OTN tech article by two other SOA Governance experts, all in preparation for an upcoming OTN ArchBeat Podcast on, that's right, SOA Governance.

Working with Oracle Security Token Service in an Architecture Involving WebLogic and OSB
Ronaldo Fernandes slaved for hours risking carpal tunnel damage to write this step by step guide to creating a single sign-on between Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Service Bus using Oracle Security Token Service (OSTS) to generate SAML tokens.

Using OUD as a WebLogic Authentication Provider
Oracle Directory Integration Team software architect Sylvain Duloutre discusses the technical details behind the use of Oracle Unified Directory as an external authentication provider for Oracle WebLogic.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: Report: Lake Ice Grows Safer To Venture Out On With Each Beer Consumed (from The Onion)

Java Community -

Java SE 7 Update 51
Java SE 7 has been updated, and important security changes are included.  

NightHacking Worldwide: Lambdas
Replay video of the NightHacking Worldwide Event with Brian Goetz and Stuart Marks on the new Java 8 Lambdas API. 

Java 8 is Coming to EclipseCon
A Java 8 Day has been added to the EclipseCon (San Francisco) lineup. 

Friday Funny -
Q: Why do programmers mix up Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because Oct 31 == Dec 25
Thanks @chad3814  

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Thursday Jan 23, 2014

Homework For January 28 OTN Virtual Sysadmin Day

Instructions for OTN's next Virtual Sysadmin Day, on January 28 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm PT, have been uploaded to the wiki. You'll need to complete them before the event.  Do your homework. Don't be the guy who asks where the instructions are on the day of the event. 

Pre-Event Checklist Here

The checklist provides:

  • Virtual Conference hardware requirements
  • Virtual Conference software requirements
  • Setup instructions for Oracle Solaris labs
  • Setup instructions for Oracle Linux labs
  • Setup instructions for Oracle VM labs

If You Must Tweet

If you can't keep your hands off your danged phone while working on the labs, at least use this hashtag:


Questions for Ed

Oracle ACE extraordinaire Ed Whalen and I will be hanging out at the Sysadmin Lounge during the last 30-45 minutes of the event. Ed knows his stuff, so if you have any questions about Linux, such as how to optimize it for the database or other applications, ask Ed. If you have questions about Harleys or Ducatis, ask me.

See you next week.

photograph of Harleys in Wisconsin by Rick Ramsey

- Rick

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Friday Jan 17, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of January 12th

All the OTN Community Managers have given us their Best Of content this week so lets get right to it!

Java Community -
Java Update - Java SE 7 Update 51 Released, important changes included

Top Java Technical Articles of 2013 - The most popular technical articles published on OTN in 2013 shows the variety in Java technologies.

Using the action based prototype in Mojarra - Use Mojarra as an action based web framework.

Friday Funny from OTN Java Community Manager, Tori Wieldt : Developers love indirection

Systems Community

Hands-On Lab: How to Deploy Oracle Software in Minutes Using Oracle VM Templates - This lab demonstrates how easy it is to deploy software environments with Oracle VM Templates. It uses a single-instance, Oracle Restart (Single-Instance High Availability [SIHA]), and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) for Oracle Database as an example. During this lab, you are going to deploy a four-node Flex Cluster (three hubs and one leaf) with a dedicated network for Oracle Flex ASM traffic.

Hands-On Lab: Oracle Solaris Packaging for System Administrators
- This lab explores what's required to create a new software package in Oracle Solaris 11 for Nagios. We will publish the new package to a package repository and install it on our system. In addition, we will also explore other methods to integrate this application into the operating system and take advantage of unique service availability and security features to make it a first-class citizen in Oracle Solaris 11.

Database Community -

Big news from the Oracle 12c Downloads center - Oracle 12c now available for HP-UX, AIX and zLinux. Get it Now!

What are you planning to read this weekend? - Get this Free E-Book: Securing Oracle Database 12c--A Technical Primer. Good Read.

Hey Oracle DBAs: Getting started with Hadoop? 
- Oracle Ace Director Gwen Shapira (from Oracle Big Data partner Cloudera) gives Oracle DBAs answers to many common questions. Thank you @gwenshap!

Ready for 4 hours intense Oracle Database 12c and Big Data tech updates?

Register NOW for the upcoming OTN Virtual Developer Day: Building and Deploying Database Apps Using Modern Techniques.  
When: February 4, 2014, 9am to 1pm PT
Where: Everywhere.

Friday Funny from OTN Database Manager, Laura Ramsey - An extraordinary reflection of Vienna...from an ornament hanging high above the square (top Photo again this week). Thank you Tim Boudreau. (visit

Architect Community - 

Podcast: Finding a Shorter Path to SOA
Lack of time, experience, and expertise can force some organizations to cut corners when implementing SOA. Meet a group of experts who have an idea for making it easier to get to SOA, right out of the box.

A Real-World Guide to Invoking OSB and EDN using C++ and Web Services
In his first article for OTN, Sebastian Lik-Keung Ma demonstrates a complete, end-to-end, working example of how a C++ application can produce an event to the SOA infrastructure, and how a JDeveloper application can consume that event.

Back Up a Thousand Databases Using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
Porus Homi Havewala shows you how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c as a faster and more efficient alternative to Unix shell scripting and cron jobs for backing up multiple databases.

Friday Funny from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart: Oscar Picks by a Dumb Man with a Bad Memory - From Funny or Die

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Friday Jan 10, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of January 5th

As we kick off 2014 many of us are making resolutions.  Maybe one of yours should be to join the The Oracle ACE Program.  Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors are known for their technical expertise and strong credentials as Oracle community advocates. ACE nominations can be submitted by anyone in the Oracle Technology and Applications communities. Does this sound like you?  If so, read the FAQ for details or reach out to one of the community managers listed below in our Best Of OTN for the Week of Jan 5th. 

Java Community  -

Getting Started with Java Expression Language 3
Most folks in the Java ecosystem are just beginning to realize the full significance of  EL 3. See how it opens up the possibility of using the power of a standard expression language in new and innovative ways.

Why didn’t my app throw an OutOfMemoryError?
Performance expert Kirk Pepperdine explains that your JVM is running a Ponzi scheme on you.

Coder Radio Podcast: It's Java's Year
Engineer Mark Heckler talks about Java, IoT, Java Embedded, and the Java community.

Friday Funny from Tori Wieldt, Java Community Manager: Why do programmers mix up Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because Oct 31 == Dec 25  Thanks @chad3814

Architect Community -

2013 Top 10 OTN Articles for Architects
OTN's articles for architects cover SOA, middleware, business intelligence, security, identity management, enterprise management, and more. Check out this list of 2013's Top 10 most popular articles for architects.

Winter 2014 edition of free OTech Magazine
The winter 2014 edition of the free, independent OTech Magazine is now available, offering insight from an impressive collection of experts in Oracle technologies.

Design Patterns: Magic or Myth? | David Budgen

Durham University professor of software engineering David Budgen draws on surveys and mapping studies in this examination of "the effectiveness of the usage of design patterns in software development."

Friday Funny from Bob Rhubart, Architect Community Manager: "Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." -- Mark Twain

Systems Community

Tips for Using Linux Huge Pages
Ed Whalen is the Chief Technologist at Performance Tuning Corp. He knows an awful lot about making databases run faster, including the use of Linux Huge Pages. Here are two of his very helpful resources.

Blog: Why Are So Many People Smarter Than Me?
You know how when you take your car to the mechanic because it's making a strange noise, but when the mechanic drives it, the noise disappears?  That's called a Heisenbug.  Find out what the Ksplice team did about it.

Friday Funny from Rick Ramsey, Systems Community Managers - It's Friday, Ask Your Boss to Dance

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Oracle ADF Development: Web, Mobile and Beyond - Video Presentations Now Available

Whether you participated in the OTN Virtual Developer Day on Oracle ADF Development - Web, Mobile and Beyond and want to see the video presentations again, or you were doing something far less productive and only now realize the severity of your folly, you can now relive the Virtual Developer Day experience with the complete collection of videos from the event, all freely available on YouTube.

Videos in the various tracks have been organized into playlists, or you can view each video separately.

Friday Jan 03, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of December 29th

Happy New Year from the OTN team and the New Years Rooster!  Now on to the Best of OTN for this week...

Architect -

Sample Chapter: Integration with Fusion Applications
This 54-page sample chapter (PDF, 1.71MB) from the Oracle Fusion Applications Development and Extensibility Handbook (2013, Oracle Press) examines the role SOA plays in the process of integrating with Fusion Applications.

Tech Article: MDM and SOA: Be Warned!
This article, part of the "Industrial SOA" series, offers a motive for using MDM, presents typical variants for possible MDM architecture concepts, and illustrates the interplay of MDM and SOA.

Podcast: Oracle SOA B2B Integration - Part 3
EDI remains in wide use among old-guard companies, but newer companies are embracing ebXML and other alternatives. Listen to the final segment in this series as panelists Krishnaprem Bhatia, Alan Perlovsky, and Scott Haaland discuss the future of SOA B2B integration.

Friday Funny from Bob Rhubart, Architect Community Manager: "If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings.'" - Dave Barry

Database -

Sophisticated Call Stack Analysis - This is a great way to start 2014!  Check out the DBMS_UTILITY functions in Oracle Database 12c that answer questions programmers ask as they develop, debug, and maintain their code. Thank you Steven Feuerstein!

Top Trends in 2014 for Data Security - Two of the most important questions to be asking about your data: Where is all the sensitive data? Who has access to that data? Hit this article to read more about the Top Trends in 2014 for Data Security.

What Makes Oracle Linux the Best Platform for Oracle Database 12c - Learn how Oracle Linux is the cost-effective and high-performance choice when modernizing infrastructure or consolidating database instances on Oracle Database 12c in this whitepaper.

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Friday Funny for Laura Ramsey, Database Community Manager: New Year's Rooster. Picture at top of post : ).