Friday Dec 13, 2013

Best of OTN - Week of December 8th 2013

This week the OTN Team (photo above) spent some time planning new and exciting programs/content to be implemented in 2014.  If you have any ideas for new things you'd like to see OTN provide for the community in 2014 please add a comment to this blog post.

Before we get into the OTN Best of by community items we wanted to highlight several of our recent and upcoming Virtual events with a quick list of topics that are now OnDemand and one that registration has just opened up for.

OnDemand Content - 

  • ADF Development - Web, Mobile and Beyond - Developer Leads, Managers and Architects –  come learn about developing Web, Mobile and beyond based Oracle applications. This virtual event provides sessions that range from introductory to deep dive, covering Oracle’s strategic framework for developing multi-channel enterprise applications for the Oracle platforms. Multiple tracks cover every interest and every level.
  • Harnessing the Power of Oracle Weblogic and Oracle Coherence - This virtual developer day content will guide you through tooling updates and best practices around developing applications with Oracle WebLogic and Coherence as target platforms. We'll also explore advances in how you can manage your build, deploy and ongoing management processes to streamline your application's life cycle.

Upcoming Live Event -

  • Virtual Sysadmin Day - 2014 - January 28th, 2014 - If you're already familiar with the basic of Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM, give our latest labs a try.  They'll take your knowledge one step further and show you how to tackle some real-word challenges such as migration, RAC deployments, and private clouds.

Architect Community -

Eclipse Day At Googleplex 2013/Session Abstracts - Eclipsepedia
- The agenda for Eclipse Day At Googleplex 2013 includes "Practicing Continuous Delivery using Eclipse Hudson," by Oracle architect and Eclipse Hudson CI server lead Winston Prakash, PhD.

Going Mobile with ADF: Programmatically Invoking SOAP Web Services with Complex Types | Steven Davelaar - Steven Davelaar's article, the 5th in the Going Mobile with ADF series, show you "how to handle in Java the complex type that might be returned by the web service, as well as how to set up the complex types that might be needed as a parameter for a web service call. "

ADF Development Survival Kit - Essentials for ADF Developer | Andrejus Baranovskis  - Take advantage of this handy technical post based on information from a UKOUG Tech 13 presentation by Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis.

Bob Rhubart, Architect Community Manager Friday Funny: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performs the theme from "Shaft."

Systems Community -

Why Deploy My Oracle Database on New Hardware?
If I'm happy with how my Oracle Database 11g is performing, why should I deploy it on the new Oracle SPARC hardware?  For the same reasons that you would want to buy a sports car that goes twice as fast AND gets better gas mileage, Brad Carlile explains.  Well, if there are such dramatic performance improvements and cost savings, then why should I move up to Oracle Database 12c?

What Are Linux Huge Pages? - Ed Whalen, Oracle ACE, explains Linux huge pages, the huge performance increase they provide, and how sysadmins and DBA's need to work together to use them properly.  Taped at Oracle Open World 2013.

Java Community - 

Video Interview: Mark Reinhold Discusses Java SE 8, Jigsaw and More

We need your help! Java EE 8 Survey
As we start to plan for the next revision of the Java EE Platform (Java EE 8), we would like to get input from the community on the relative importance of some of the features that we might add. 

Internet of Things Video Interview
Java Evangelist Jim Weaver, Senior Engineer Gerrit Grunwald and Community Manager Yolande Poirier discussed the Internet of Things(IoT), Java Embedded, and the new IoT community page on

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