Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld - Wednesday, September 25th Activities

Thanks to all who came to the GREAT activities taking place in the OTN Lounge today!  Tomorrow promises just as much excitement!   

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld (Moscone South Lobby) Activities for  Wednesday, September 25th

  • RAC Attack – 10 am to 2pm
  • Fusion Developer Challenge Office Hours – 10 to 11pm
  • Java Embedded  / Internet of Things – 11 to 12pm
  • Oracle ADF Meetup – 2pm to 3pm
  • APEX Dev Challenge Preso and Awards – 3pm to 4pm
  • Fusion Developer Challenge Preso and Award – 4pm to 5pm

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld - Tuesday September 24th Activities

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld (Moscone South Lobby) Activities for Tuesday, September 24th. 
•    RAC Attack – 10am to 2pm
•    12c Pluggable DB/App on Stick Installfest 10am to 11am
•    Java Embedded  / Internet of Things – 11 to 12pm
•    Fusion Developer Challenge Office Hours – 12 to 2pm
•    OTN Meetup – 4:30 to 5:30 pm - Make sure to say "I Love OTN" or one of the other secret phrases you've seen the other community managers sharing on social media the last few days so you an get your Fuzzy Furkin which is your ticket to a beer : ).

Sunday Sep 22, 2013

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld - Monday, September 23rd Activities

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld (Moscone South Lobby) Activities for tomorrow, Monday, September 23rd.  Stop by and take part in any/all of these activities and get this years shirt (while supplies last)!

  • 12c Pluggable DB/App on Stick Installfest 10am to 11am
  • Java Embedded - Internet Of Things – 11am to 12pm
  • Fusion Developer Challenge Office Hours – 1 to 3pm
  • Oracle Nerd Shirt Exchange – 3pm to 4:30pm
  • APEX Developer Challenge 3pm to 7pm

For more details on the activities please refer to our earlier blog post - Mark Your Calendar - OTN Lounge Oracle OpenWorld Activity Schedule.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    Saturday Sep 21, 2013

    Experience The AppsLab Robot Arm Leap Motion Hack In the OTN Lounges!

    Do you like robots? Hacks? Swing by the OTN Lounges at OpenWorld and JavaOne to see the handiwork of the Oracle AppsLab crew. They put a Leap Motion controller to good use to control robotic arms, specifically the OWI 535 with the USB interface. It's a pretty impressive display and fun to play with. And, you can give it a try in the OTN Lounges this week. Here's a short video of a little robotic arm duel the held during their testing phase.

    Join us at the OTN Lounge at Oracle Open World on Tuesday between 3:30 - 4:15

    Or, swing by the OTN Lounge at JavaOne on Wednesday 1:00 - 2:00 (during Expert Drop In)

    We hope to see you there. Learn more about the AppsLab

    Friday Sep 20, 2013

    Stay on top of all things OTN during OpenWorld and JavaOne

    We're in the final countdown to showtime and there's already a flurry of activity on social. In this post, I'll share a quick summary of how to stay on top of all things OTN during OpenWorld and JavaOne. But first, get excited about how AMAZING this week is going to be:

    One of the best ways to in touch is simply to follow some key event Twitter handles:

    • @Oracletechnet - This is the primary channel to stay in touch with OTN activities in real time. If you discover that you've got an empty hour on your schedule, check out this handle to see what we're up to. Or, just ask us via twitter what to check out!
    • @OracleACE - Follow the most influential developers at the conference through this handle. We'll be watching what the Oracle ACEs are posting about and retweeting the best of the best.
    • @OTNArchbeat - If you're an architect or interested in architect related content, this is the feed for you. It will showcase events, activities, and interviews on the ground. Come meet Bob Rhubart who publishes this feed at the OTN Lounge.
    • @OTN_Garage - For those interested in systems content this is a one feed to follow. It will bubble up all things systems related at OpenWorld in a single feed. Come meet Rick Ramsey who publishes this feed at the OTN Lounge.
    • @Java - Tori Wieldt will be serving up a constant feed of content from JavaOne so that you won't miss any of the action. Meet Tori at the OTN Lounge at JavaOne.

    Finally, if you're an advanced user on social add this Twitter List to your mobile app: Oracle ACE List. This will give you access to the full feed of Oracle ACE tweets. This will keep you on the inside track with respect to announcements and real-time feedback.

    Finally, all our work on social is to help facilitate in-person connections on the ground at OpenWorld and JavaOne. So the best way to be social at OpenWorld and JavaOne is to come by our OTN Lounges! I'll be there for much of the week and look forward to meeting you in person!


    Roland Smart
    VP of Social & Community Marketing

    Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

    Be There: OTN Community Meet-up at OOW13 - Tues Sept 24 - 4:30pm

    If you'll be part of the annual migration to San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld and/or JavaOne, be sure to set aside time in what we're sure is an already jam-packed schedule to attend the OTN Community Meet-up.

    When: Tuesday, September 24, 2013
    4:30pm to 5:30pm
    Where: OTN Lounge
    Moscone South (in the lobby)
    Special Password: "I Love OTN."
    Give the password to the person at the OTN Lounge information desk to receive a special Furkin.

    You'll have a chance to engage in elbow-rubbing and brain-picking with colleagues, members of the Oracle ACE community, members of Oracle product teams, and members of the OTN team, including your friendly neighborhood OTN community managers.

    The OTN team has expanded recently with the addition of new community managers Laura Ramsey and Valerie Simpson. Laura will manage the Database Developer/DBA community, and Valerie will manage the communities for those working with Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Coherence, and other products that are part of the Cloud Application Foundation.

    It will be easier for you to pick all of the community managers out of the crowd if you take a moment to familiarize yourself with these mug shots...

    (Listed alphabetically)

    Laura Ramsey
    Manager, OTN Database and Developer Community
    Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
    I started my career marketing IPX/SPX networking software, then figured out TCP/ip was where it was at. Joined Sun and played on the Solaris team and later the Java team. Then I read ClueTrain Manifesto. Immediately joined the OpenSolaris community team and learned Community is King. So I've been there, done that, but I still want a t-shirt. Ladies SM please.

    Rick Ramsey
    Manager, OTN SysAdmin Community
    Twitter Blog Facebook LinkedIn
    I managed BigAdmin at Sun Microsystems. Before that, I was information architect, writer, product manager for developer and sysadmin tools and technologies in both large and small high tech companies. Born in Chile, raised in Peru. Married, two kids, live in Colorado, ride motorcycles.

    Bob Rhubart
    Manager, OTN Architect Community
    Twitter Blog LinkedIn Facebook
    I'm the host/producer of the OTN ArchBeat Podcast, editor of Oracle's Architect Community Newsletter, and a columnist for Oracle Magazine. I started my career in 1997 as a staff editor for Bookstacks Unlimited, the very first online bookstore. In 1999 I went on to manage the community for Flashline, Inc. (the company that created the product now known as Oracle Enterprise Repository). Flashline was acquired by BEA Systems in 2006, and I joined the AquaLogic team. When Oracle acquired BEA in 2008 I joined the OTN team. Further acquisitions are unlikely.

    Valerie Simpson
    Manager, OTN WebLogic and Coherence Communities
    Twitter Blog Facebook LinkedIn
    I've managed community sites for Actuate, Eclipse, and WebGain, with a focus on Java developers. I was born in New Zealand, so y'all know who I want to win the America's cup. I love coffee, hate spiders, and think my OTN colleague Cassandra Clark has the best laugh I have ever heard.

    Tori Wieldt
    Manager, Java Community
    Twitter Blog Facebook LinkedIn
    Most enthusiastic Community Manager for the best technical group: Java Developers!

    Get it at the OTN Lounge: Oracle 12c Multitenant Pluggable Database App Stick

    Oracle Multitenant, new with Oracle Database 12c, is a new architecture for consolidating databases and simplifying operations in the cloud. Your friends at the OTN Lounge are hosting Multitenant Installfests on Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 am where you will receive your very own Pluggable Database that contains the full set of Oracle Database Sample Schemas as well as APEX, which is pre-configured with both the APEX Demo application and a simple Sales Forecasting application. We've got this puppy set up to easily plug in to your environment of choice:  Windows, Oracle Linux, or if you'd prefer, you can use VBox VM.  

    Jean-Francois Verrier will be in the OTN Lounge to walk you through the pluggable database process, and to tell you more about how the Multitenant features are a game changer.

    We'll be talking a lot about Multitenant during Oracle OpenWorld 2013. Get your pluggable DB, load it, try it out...and be the first on your block to have a handle on it.

    So drop by the OTN Lounge Monday or Tuesday at 10:00 AM ...we'll have your app stick waiting for you. (and maybe coffee and a doughnut too.)

    - LKR 

    Tuesday Sep 17, 2013

    Ready, Set, Go Mobile! Oracle APEX Challenge -- OOW13 @ OTN Lounge

    Wait! Wait! Before you lock in your schedule for OOW13, make sure you reserve time on Monday 9/23 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm for the Oracle APEX Challenge. Showcase your deepest development ingenuity...re-arranging your calendar.

    Here's The Deal:

    The contest is open to all registered Oracle OpenWorld 2013 attendees. The challenge is to build a "mobile" user interface. We'll open registration on Monday 9/23 but for now, check out the APEX Challenge page for more detail.  

    When you register on Monday, we'll give you an Application Express Workspace and everything you need to complete the task. You bring the skills.

    Here's what we're looking for:

     Appearance / User Interface Design How visually pleasing is the Entry app when run on a mobile device based on factors such as screen design, sizing, consistency, correct labels, etc.   30%
     Ease of Use How intuitive and easy-to-use is the Entry Application?   30%
     Process How fully developed and implemented is the concept in the submitted Entry? Does the Entry run successfully on different mobile devices? How complete is it?  30%
     Innovation / Novelty To what degree does the Entry illustrate new and innovative ways of presenting and/or processing information on a mobile device.  10%

    You already know that Oracle APEX is a declarative, rapid web application development tool for the Oracle Database. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy applications that are fast and secure. It's fully loaded with mobile application development features and templates, and it's available with all versions of Oracle Database. (Yes, Oracle 12c.)  

    Come show us what you can do with it.

    • Contest Location:  OTN Lounge (Moscone South, across from registration)
    • Contest Office Hours: Monday 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    • Prizes: *** 1st prize:  $300   *** 2nd prize: $200 *** 3rd prize: $100 *** Amazon Gift Cards

    I'm rooting for you. Make me proud.

    - LKR 

    Monday Sep 16, 2013

    Bloggers unite at #OOW13!

    OTN, along with our friends at Pythian, is proud to once again sponsor the Annual Oracle OpenWorld Bloggers Meetup.

    Oracle community bloggers from all corners of the world gather once a year at this annual event to share a drink, trade stories and put faces to names. If you are blog about your work with Oracle technologies this is an event you don't want to miss. Be sure to stop by for some refreshments, some schwag and lots of great conversation. Read Oracle ACE Director and even organizer Alex Gorbachev's blogpost for details and to RSVP.

    Thursday Sep 12, 2013

    Architecture, Architects and Java

    Architects get plenty of attention at JavaOne! The content for JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco is organized into eight tracks, and   cover eight different roles, including software architects.    Here's just a small sampling of the nearly 220 sessions available for architects:[Read More]