Friday Aug 24, 2012

Oracle ACE sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

Icing on the Cake: Oracle ACE sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

As you're finalizing your Oracle OpenWorld travel plans and taking advantage of schedule builder to plan your week in San Francisco, make sure you add some Oracle ACE sessions to your schedule.

"What's an Oracle ACE?" you ask. Members of the Oracle ACE Program are the most active members of the Oracle community, frequently sharing their substantial insight and real-world expertise with Oracle technologies through articles, blogs, social networks, and as presenters at Oracle OpenWorld and other live events.

With so many great sessions at this year's event, building your schedule can involve making a lot of tough choices. But you'll find that the sessions led by Oracle ACEs will be the icing on the cake of your Oracle OpenWorld content experience.

The list below includes Oracle ACE sessions at Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne (**) and MySQL Connect (*) . Find session descriptions and schedules in the content catalog. Dig in!

Session ID Session Title ACE Speaker
UGF6511 Database Performance Tuning: Get the Best out of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Tariq Farooq
UGF7700 Oracle on Oracle VM: Expert Panel Tariq Farooq
UGF10352 Jump-start Your Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Jerry Ireland, Mark Farnham
UGF10371 Usability and Features of Oracle Fusion Applications, Built upon Oracle Fusion Middleware Debra Lilley, John King
UGF10373 Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence with Oracle Fusion Middleware: Tips and Techniques Mark Rittman
UGF10376 Oracle EPM The Revolution Is Here Edward Roske
UGF10377 How to Integrate Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g and Oracle Essbase/EPM Mark Rittman
UGF10378 Lessons from WellPoint's Proof of Concept of Oracle Essbase on Oracle Exalytics Edward Roske
UGF10397 To Exalogic or Not to Exalogic: An Architectural Journey Todd Sheetz
UGF10400 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Monitoring, Metric Extensions, and Configuration Best Practices Kellyn Pot'Vin
UGF10401 Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Sites, and the Oracle WebCenter Spaces Feature Brian Huff
UGF10405 Truss, pstack, pmap, and more Riyaj Shamsudeen
UGF10407 Big Data: The Future Is Now Ian Abramson
UGF10414 Oracle Fusion Middleware Roundtable Todd Sheetz
UGF10415 Requirements Versus Features and Describing Your Must-Have-Now Capabilities Tim Gorman
UGF10416 Flexible Design and Modeling: Planning for Constant Change Gwen Shapira
UGF10417 No-Surprises Development and Environment Management Kellyn Pot'Vin, Stewart Bryson
UGF10419 Value-Based Testing Gwen Shapira
UGF10426 Ten Surprising Performance Tactics Chris Lawson
SIG10515 Upgrade Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting Sandra Vucinic
SIG10531 Value Chain Planning Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting Kevin Creel
SIG10546 DCOAUG Meeting Kaberi Nayak
SIG10547 EBS Applications Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting Srini Chavali
SIG10553 Database Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting Michael Brown
SIG10555 Southwest Regional OAUG Meeting Sandra Vucinic
SIG10559 E-Business Suite User Management Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting Susan Behn
UGF10577 Oracle WebLogic Overview Chris Ostrowski
CON8688 Customer Perspectives: Oracle Data Integrator Gurcan Orhan
CON10611** Harness the Power and Performance of GlassFish: Tuning for High Availability Rene van Wijk
CON10923 Consolidation: Optimize Your Entire Oracle Investment as a Platform for Growth Debra Lilley
UGF11048 Introduction to Oracle Hyperion Products Cameron Lackpour, Glenn Schwartzberg
CON2426 Five Cool Things You Can Do with HTML5 and Oracle Application Express Roel Hartman
CON2434 Dynamic Actions: What's Possible, What's Not, and How to Bridge the Gap Daniel McGhan
UGF2639 High-Speed, In-Memory Big Data Analysis with Oracle Exalytics Mark Rittman
CON2643 Developing Search/Analytic BI Applications with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Mark Rittman
UGF2644 Oracle Exalytics and Oracle TimesTen for Exalytics Best Practices Mark Rittman
CON2672 Error? What Error? Martin D'Souza
CON2784 The Least-Known Features of Oracle Database Julian Dontcheff
CON2785 Oracle ADF Implementations Around the Globe: Best Practices Andrejus Baranovskis
CON2787 Oracle Business Process Management/Oracle ADF Integration Best Practices Andrejus Baranovskis
CON2803 The Evolution of Histograms in Oracle Database Jonathan Lewis
CON2848 Coding Therapy for Software Professionals Steven Feuerstein
CON2849 Error Management Features of Oracle PL/SQL Steven Feuerstein
CON2890 RDBMS Forensics: Troubleshooting with Active Session History Tim Gorman
CON2922 Performance Is a Feature: Here Is the Specification Cary Millsap
CON3010 Oracle Application Express: Ground Zero to Intermediate Developer in One Hour! Chris Ostrowski
CON3199 Oracle Exadata and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: A Match Made in Heaven Andy Colvin
CON3224 Why Move to Oracle Application Express Listener? Dimitri Gielis
UGF3289 Oracle Multimedia Warehouses: An Introduction Marcelle Kratochvil
CON3290 Integrating Oracle Database with a Social Network Marcelle Kratochvil
CON3291 Storing and Tuning Unstructured Data and Multimedia in Oracle Database Marcelle Kratochvil
CON3292 Using PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, Ruby, and Python for Multimedia in Oracle Database Marcelle Kratochvil
UGF3293 Connecting Oracle Database to Other Databases with ODBC Gateway: Tips and Techniques Marcelle Kratochvil
UGF3320 Beginning Performance Tuning Arup Nanda
CON3335 Application Development with Oracle Advanced Queuing Jeffrey Jacobs
UGF3373 Are You a Member Yet? Oracle User Group Advantages and Value for Oracle Customers Christian Trieb
CON3419 Build Oracle Application Express Multilingual Applications Francis Mignault
CON3543 Consolidation for the Cloud Debra Lilley
CON3577 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1: Cenovus Energy and the New Face of JD Edwards Applications Sue Shaw
CON3646 Report Against Transactional Schemas with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Stewart Bryson
UGF3662 Very Large Databases: Challenges and Opportunities Asif Momen
CON3765 "Think Outside Your Interconnect" When Optimizing Your Oracle RAC Environment Murali Vallath
CON3812 Planning and Executing an Upgrade to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Gustavo Gonzalez
CON3813 Oracle Fusion Without Confusion: What's the Strategy with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i or 12.0? Gustavo Gonzalez
CON3875 High-Availability Infrastructure of the Database Cloud: Architecture and Best Practices Kai Yu
CON4110 Slay Bad Data in Oracle Essbase with Oracle Data Integrator Cameron Lackpour
UGF4236 Hadoop, Oracle Exadata, and the Industrial Revolution of Data Guy Harrison
CON4238 Optimizing Oracle Database with Solid-State Disk Technology Guy Harrison
UGF4301 Look Inside the Locking Mechanism Liron Amitzi
CON4318 Oracle Auditing Techniques Carl Dudley
CON4378 New Features of Oracle Business Intelligence Christian Screen
UGF4410 The Perfect Marriage: Sun ZFS Storage Appliance with Oracle Exadata Charles Kim
CON4697 DBAs in a Master Data Management Role Michelle Malcher
BOF4712** Thinking Through Java Enterprise Performance Lucas Jellema
CON4792 The Very, Very Latest in Oracle Database Development Lucas Jellema
CON4827 The Future of Forms Is… Oracle Forms (and Friends) Lucas Jellema
CON4832 Effective Fault Handling in Oracle SOA Suite 11g Guido Schmutz, Ronald van Luttikhuizen
SBH4843 How Fujitsu Built Its Oracle Cloud for Its Customers Debra Lilley
CON5033 The Tie That Binds: An Introduction to Oracle ADF Bindings Peter Koletzke
CON5101 Integrating Oracle Database Appliance with Sun ZFS Appliance to Achieve HA Security Daniel Morgan, Hans Forbrich
CON5117 Humans Are (Not) a Service? Lessons from a Journey to Oracle Business Process Management Suite Hajo Normann, Torsten Winterberg
CON5152 Engineered for Redundancy: How Engineered Systems Handle Hardware Failures Andy Colvin
CON5171 Hadoop Meets Oracle Exadata Kerry Osborne
CON5184 Managing an Oracle Exadata Migration Project Arup Nanda
CON5205 Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Function/Data Security: User Management/Role-Based Access Control Susan Behn
CON5206 Simplify App Deployment in the Cloud with Virtual Assemblies and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Kai Yu
CON5265 Empowering Emdeon's Finance Team with Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management John Booth
UGF5334 In-Memory Analytics: Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Compared to Oracle Essbase Venkatakrishnan Janakiraman
CON5389 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Performance Pages: Falling in Love Again Douglas Burns
UGF5395 Replacing a Data Warehouse: Case Study with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Stewart Bryson
BOF5411** Using Eclipse DBWS to Interface with Legacy Applications Lonneke Dikmans
CON5716 Database Design with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Heli Helskyaho
CON5740 Show Me the Money! Mohan Dutt
CON5840 Delivering Big Data Projects Successfully with Agile Software Development Ian Abramson
CON6015 Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 Without Losing Your Hair or Your Wallet Andrew Katz, Sandra Vucinic
BOF6019** Diagnosing Performance Issues in Cloud-Based Java Applications Debu Panda
BOF9908 Oracle XML DB BOF Marco Gralike, Aris Prassinos, et al
CON6021 Ten Things to Love About Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Floyd Teter
CON6156 Top 10 Ways to Integrate Oracle WebCenter Content Brian Huff
CON6173** Making Sense out of the Java PaaS Platforms Debu Panda
CON6210 Five Cool Use Cases for the Spring Component of Oracle SOA Suite Guido Schmutz
CON6472 An Alternative to Star Transformations: Spiny Starfish Mark Farnham
CON6493 Installing Oracle Fusion Applications: An Oracle E-Business Suite DBA's Perspective Michael Brown
CON6564 Tips and Tricks for Hardening Oracle Fusion Middleware Jacco Landlust, Simon Haslam
CON6584 Resolving Buffer Busy Related Contention Craig Shallahamer
CON6640 Database Data Mining: Practical Enterprise R and Oracle Advanced Analytics husnu sensoy
CON6668 Building an Integrated Data Warehouse with Oracle Database and Hadoop Gwen Shapira
CON6699 Measuring Performance in Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux Gwen Shapira
CON7055 Secrets of Successful Projects with Oracle Application Development Framework Sten Vesterli
CON7060 Building Commercial Applications with Oracle Application Express Doug Gault, Scott Spendolini
CON7241 Advanced Oracle Essbase Java API Tips and Tricks Tim Tow
UGF7287 Why Move to Release 11 of the Oracle Hyperion Product Family: Busting the Migration Myths Edward Roske
CON7344 Anatomy of a Scalable Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite 11g Project Geoffroy de Lamalle
CON7393 Cloud Economics: A Business Case Approach Ron Batra
CON7419 Build and Deploy Automation with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Geoffroy de Lamalle
CON7513 Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Data Visualization Best Practices Dan Vlamis
CON7562 Demystifying MySQL for Oracle DBAs and Developers George Trujillo
CON7629 How Oracle Database Appliance Saves the Day at Harvard Business Publishing Alex Gorbachev
CON7897 A Framework for Managing External Table Imports Michael Mclaughlin
UGF8067 Oracle Recovery Manager, Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle RAC Best Practices Kamran Agayev, Syed Jaffar Hussain
CON8071 Explore Oracle Database 11g Best Practices and Guidelines for Writing and Tuning SQL Statements Ami Aharonovich
CON8261 Migrate and Consolidate Your Databases with Oracle Data Pump Julian Dontcheff
CON8320* Improving Performance with Better Indexes Ronald Bradford
CON8322* Lessons from Managing 500+ MySQL Instances Ronald Bradford
CON8435 Customer Panel: Oracle Exadata Data Protection Best Practices Charles Kim
CON8782* Google-Hacking MySQL Sheeri Cabral
CON8806 Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1: Technical and Functional Panel Srini Chavali, Sandra Vucinic
CON8831* Database Scaling at Mozilla Sheeri Cabral
CON9058 Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Oracle Fusion Middleware Simon Haslam
CON9197 For PeopleSoft PeopleTools Developers: A Guide to Properly Enhancing PeopleSoft Applications Graham Smith
CON9210 Performance Tuning for PeopleSoft Administrators David Kurtz
CON9314* MySQL High Availability: Power and Usability Giuseppe Maxia
CON9319* Replicating from MySQL to Oracle Database and Back Again Giuseppe Maxia
CON9326* Database as a Service: Database Resources on Demand Patrick Galbraith
CON9419 Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management: Customer Adoption and Experiences Floyd Teter
CON9844 Oracle Exadata Primer for the Executive Rich Niemiec
CON9845 Tuning the Oracle Grid Rich Niemiec
UGF9847 Beginner's Guide to Partitioning a Table Rich Niemiec
CON9419 Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management: Customer Adoption and Experiences Basheer Khan
CON9438 Oracle Fusion Applications: Transforming Insight into Action Basheer Khan
CON9467 Oracle's Roadmap to a Simple, Modern User Experience Basheer Khan