The Manga Guide to Databases

Guest Author

You don't know anything about databases and want to get rid of this social stigma? But you don't want to read a 500 pages book about theoretical aspects of relational database management system written by an aged computer science professor who thinks "real life" must be the name of a theater next to the campus?

In this case, this book is just what the nurse ordered: The Manga Guide to Databases.

The story starts like this:

Princess Ruruna and Cain have a problem: Their fruit-selling is a tangle of conflicting and duplicated data, and sorting the melons from the apples and strawberries is causing real difficulties. But what can they do?

Yes, of course they start setting up a database.


This book is fun, but it's also serious: lots of examples and exercises, and an appendix of frequently used SQL statements gives the tools you need to create and maintain the first databases of your life.

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