Friday Dec 18, 2009

VIA HD Digital Media Platform

Hi All,

So I received the updated VIA hardware on Wednesday.

It's playing 720P avi's and wmv's without any issues at all.

I'll start looking into the Mplayer, MythTV and JavaFX after the holidays.

It's really looking good though, VIA is supplying some super code for the Ubuntu kernel and the Mplayer video out plugin.


Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

VIA HD gstreamer 0.10.24 plugin in testing

Hi All,

 So VIA confirmed today that the have an HD hardware decoder plugin coming based on gstreamer 0.10.24.

I'll see if I can get a date or early release.


HD on VIA Digital Media Platform

Hi All,

 So we  got pretty far with the HD hardware decoder on the VIA platform I have, during the testing we discovered that I needed a new video driver, but we found the BIOS in my system was out of date, long story short, I need a newer motherboard.

The system is in the box, VIA is sending me a new system, as I ship the old one back. So the project will be on hold while I wait for FedEx.

Someone has asked for a HD accelerated MythTV capability, is this of interest to everyone ?



Sunday Dec 06, 2009

VIA / Ubuntu / JavaFX hardware HD decode - Digital Media Platform

Hi All,

 So I'm working on a new project, trying to build a really goo Digital Media Platform, for applications like, shopping malls, airports, hotels, stores.

We want the actually user interface to be in JavaFX, the hardware and operstaing system needs to be able to decode HD content (AVI,WMV,M4V) in 720P or 1080P.

The system also has to be able to support a large touchscreen, this requires the Xorg driver and calibration program.

 I'm working with VIA using there hardware platforms to support Ubuntu and JavaFX.

VIA has created the DRM and kernel drivers for the HD decoders and video, also the mplayer and special video out plugins.

The difference when you play an HD movie is amazing, VIA gave me the seen from the matrix movie when the enter the building, if you play it with the standard video out on the 1.5Ghz processor the sound is way ahead of the choppy video.

 When I play the same movie using the VIA supplied Mplayer video out plugin, the movie is absolutely smooth and in sink with the sound.

 So now we have the basic hardware and OS layer working, I've finally got to the point I cannot put off any longer, learn Java and JavaFX.

I've just started the course, learning Java in 21 days, I'll let you know how it goes.


VIA Digital Media Platform - Front

VIA Digital Media Platform - Back

VIA Digital Media Platform - Left Side

VIA Digital Media Platform - Right Side

Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

Elonex Webbook - VIA C7 and Nevada B121

Hi All,

 So I took the Elonex Webbook out of the cupboard again, it ended up with a B112 build where GDM would not start but cde-login would work.

I tried doing a USB DVD install again and the GRUB still will not work.

I pulled the B121 iso across and did the lugrade on the B112.

GDM has finally started to work, now I need to look into the suspend / resume issues and the VIA C7 cpudrv issues, the CPU stays at 1600Mhz all the time.

Also will Compiz work on the new VIA OpenChrome video driver.

Next the Intel classmate PC :-)


Thursday Jan 08, 2009

Elonex VIA C7 Webbook and OpenSolaris

So I'm playing with this Elonex VIA C7 Webbook from the UK.

I'm having lots of fun with the SATA hard drive, looks like it will only work on the 80Gb it came with, anything else and the BIOS does not see it or it just does not work.

I'm getting the great INT13 problem with all versions of OpenSolaris CD, DVD or USB.

I've finally got Fedora 10 from the new LiveCD installed just to prove to myself that it will run something other than Windows XP Home.

The VIA supplied video driver just gives a scrambled screen, if I set to vesa I can get a good 1024 x 600 resolution, both the Realtek and Intel 2200 wifi work, the new network applet is very pretty. A little bit more graphical than NWAM.

I've downloaded the onnv-gate with grub in and I'm trying to patch GRUB for 2008.11 on USB.

Funny thing is if I actually put in a 80Gb SATA 2.5" drive that OpenSolaris cannot see in the BIOS, the installer actually gets past the GRUB error.

UBuntu 8.10 and 8.04 are also unable to install.



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