Wednesday Sep 16, 2009

FAT32 funny on OpenSolaris B122

Hi All,

 I've been working on the B122 OpenSolaris Acer One 10", I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on the first partition, FAT32 in the middle and ZFS at the end.

I mount the FAT32 partition via /etc/vfstab during boot.

My Documents is coming up in read only mode.

If I try to do a chmod -R 777 /shared_fat32/Daves/My\\ Documents nothing happens.

If I bring up nautilus and change the properties to read / write and apply to all sub folders, it actually does it.

I can now create files in My Music, My Pictures, etc.

Wish I could work out why ?


Friday Sep 04, 2009

Fun with Windows 7 and OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So as I did a full reinstall of OpenSolaris 1002 B122, I decided to install Windows 7 over the Windows XP Home also.

I sliced the disk into three partitions:

0 NTFS 40Gb - Windows 7

  1 FAT32 40Gb

  2 ZFS 50Gb - OpenSolaris

  I placed my iTunes folder in the FAT32 partition.

  I mount the FAT32 partition to a directory in OpenSolaris during boot.

I modified the /etc/vfstab file adding this line:

/dev/dsk/c9t0d0p2 -        /shared_fat32    pcfs    -    yes    -

  It's interesting how OpenSolaris has a larger channel number than SXCE.

  After building the faac, faad and mp3 plugins, I can actually see and play the iTunes songs from OpenSolaris rhythmbox.

  Now I just have to go into the Windows side if I need to buy music from Apple.


Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Moved from SXCE to OpenSolaris 1002 B121

Hi All,

So it's taken about a week now, I've moved all the netbooks I have off SXCE to OpenSolaris 1002 B121.

I have the MSI Wind U100, Acer Aspire One 8' and 10" with clean installs.

So from now on I just have to say OpenSolaris not Nevada.

Only issue I really had was the Attansic controller on the AA10, I already had the SUNWatge package from B123 and just added it.

I've been doing the installs of USB sticks which is really much better than having to attach an external USB drive.

I've been working with an external laptop Blu Ray device that I picked up of EBay for about $50.

It's working really good on a desktop, I was hoping one day to add it to my Asus C90S one day and play Blu Ray movies.


Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Back to real work

Hi All,

Survived two weeks with Grandkids, we had lots of swimming and ice cream.

I've been working on mandatory training :-)

Note from me, I'm usually always talking about Nevada, bad old habit I suppose, to many extras I add, can't teach an old dog new tricks :-)

Anyway, just testing B119 nightly (it's booting up as B120) on the Acer One 10" and MSI, I had B119 on both before.

B120 has the fix for the MSI touchpad not working after resume.

The luupgrade on the MSI to B120 went fine, cannot test the touchpad fix as the machine will not suspend at all, the HD light comes on and stays on, I'm working with the engineering team in LA to see if it's just a bad DVD or a regression.

Just finishing the B119 luupgrade on the AA1 10", I updated the BIOS and ACPI lid was working really fast on the B119 load.

I'll retest everything again now it's on B120.

I did just buy a couple of Pink MSI U100's of Ebay for friends, not my color, for $299.

If you do this look out for a really big difference in the offers, one has bluetooth and a 6 cell battery, the other one does not.

I assumed as they were both Pink and $299 they had the same hardware, I'll check better next time.


Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

OpenSolaris (Nevada) B115 separate X screen partial fixed

Hi All,

 So this issue with the programs not appearing  on the correct screen if your running nvidia with separate X screens configured has already been solved in the Ubuntu forums.

It's a bug in glib, I applied the patch and rebuilt glib, the problem has gone away for the gnome panel launch, but quick lounge (launcher list applet) is still having the problem, I'll have to check the source code.

This is the patch for glib 2.20.1

 diff -ur clean/glib2.0-2.20.1/gio/gdesktopappinfo.c postclean/glib2.0-2.20.1/gio/gdesktopappinfo.c
--- clean/glib2.0-2.20.1/gio/gdesktopappinfo.c    2009-03-31 18:04:20.000000000 -0500
+++ postclean/glib2.0-2.20.1/gio/gdesktopappinfo.c    2009-05-29 13:52:50.000000000 -0500
@@ -831,16 +831,16 @@
   while (\*a == \*b)
-    if (\*a == 0 || \*b == 0)
+    if (\*a == 0 || \*b == 0 || \*b == '=') /\* cover naughty equals usage. \*/
       return FALSE;
-    if (\*a == '=')
-      return TRUE;


+  if (\*a == '=' && \*b == 0)
+    return TRUE;
   return FALSE;

Adventures with OpenSolaris (Nevada) B115

Hi All,

I keep promising myself that once I have my primary laptop working fine I will not touch it, why do I keep breaking this promise, I killed B112 in a way that I could not recover it again :-)

I did an luupgrade to B115, I have never seen so many svc errors during boot in my life.

So luck would have it, that I just moved all my user data and source store to an external 500GB USB HD with a zfs pool.

I had to do a clean install of B115, I've been reinstalling my software for about a week now.

B115 has the Gnome 2.26 desktop, so there are still a few issues, I'll have to check bugtraq and add some bugs.

I did upgrade the evolution from the 2.26 version to 2.27.2, it's a pretty nice release.

I did find some issues with the 2.27 gtkhtml module that is used by eveolution for creating, replying and forwarding mail.

If I use 2.27.2, then the drag and drop of attachments work, but check spelling causes the evolution to hang up.

If i use 2.27.1 check spelling works, but drag and drop causes the evolution to hang up.

Using truss on anything causes the desktop to stop resonding though the cursor is still moving.

I run dual screen with compiz on an nvidia card, 8 separate desktops.

The strange old bug is back, if I start a program from the gnome panel on monitor 2 it shows up on monitor 1.

If I start the program from a terminal on monitor 2 then it appears on monitor 2.

I want to think I remeber this is a PATH issue, but I'm still investigating.

Does not matter if I'm root or a standard user, compiz or not compiz.

Cursor staill shows up on monitor 1 if I go to monitor 2 fast enough, never noticed this before on B112.

I did do the upgrade to Xorg 1.6 as well, it looks stable.

So I will have to continue working on the program start up issue and why any use of truss looks up the system.

More later


Wednesday May 27, 2009

WireShark protocol analyzer in OpenSolaris B115

Hi All,

 So you guys probably know about wireshark, it's a protocol analyzer now in B115.

It is so much better than snoop -d :-)

This is a screenshot of it running on my C90S

 BTW I just moved all my user data and source code store to a ZFS 500Gb external USB drive, now if I kill the laptop playing with it, I can just import the pool

Tuesday May 26, 2009

Netbooks and Dual Cores

Hi All,

 So it's been a busy couple of weeks. I sent the MSI netbook down to the engineers in Los Angeles, it was to difficult for them to try and debug the touchpad not working after resume long distance.

I received the 8Gb 2.5" SATA SSD from Transcend for the car dual core systems, Java One coming up next week has got everyone busy in CA, we will resume after the event.

  I did receive the PCI CanBus controller from Hilscher, the PCI104 version should arrive this week so we can look at designing the case for the components.

  VirtualBox 2.2.2 works really well on B112, it does however cause the dhcpagent to go crazy due to the vboxnet0 interface it creates. It's supposed to be fixed in B115. I just downloaded B115 installed and pulled out the dhcpagent. I'll test it for a couple of days, let you know what happens.

 The laptop (C90S) is so stable, I really don't want to upgrade.

 I did get to go up to Seattle and meet with some customers last week, it was fun to get out of the lab for a couple of days.

 I'd love to share with you all the really cool stuff I saw, but it was a secret project.

 One cool item is the JavaFX JukeBox may be at JavaOne next week.

 A start up company has build a really cool JukeBox based on Solaris 10 X86 and JavaFX.

Local bands can upload MP3's of there songs to a central server, once uploaded they appear on the JukeBox in a bar, people can pay to listen to the song or in the future download to a memory stick.

The customer is using the Kontron 17" PanelPC I had modified to get good chips that we had drivers for, the Penmount company also wrote special touchscreen  Xorg drivers and a calibration software for us.

They have just supplied us with OpenSolaris Xorg drivers and calibration software.

 Elinsys in Turkey is also using this for the MMI on the Glass Cold End factory line to control the BW1000 systems.

Tuesday May 05, 2009

Tiny USB BlueTooth dongle and OpenSolaris B112

Hi All,

 So I purchased a very small  USB BlueTooth dongle of ebay for $2.99.

 It came in a brown envelope from China, no instructions :-)

 I added it to the Windows XP Home side of the AA1 10 inch, I'm able to activesync my HTC 8900 Tilt.

Then I went back to OpenSolaris (Nevada) B112 and followed the instructions here:

When you wget the installer and try to run it on a B112 system is gives you an error that it cannot find, what it's really looking for is a file bluetooth_mouse_(uname -v).tar.gz.

So I start playing with the script and get all the way to snv_111, it installs and asks you to reboot the system.

It updates /kernel/sockfs and /kernel/genunix, when the system restarts /kernel/fs/nfs gets unresolved dependencies, so you cannot NFS mount anything.

Anyway I followed the instructions for setting up the bluetooth mouse, and I actually got one to work.

So I went back into /kernel and copied back the backups of sockfs and genunix.

NFS is working again, BT is bust :-)

For $2.99 with free shipping it was an interesting way to add BlueTooth to a non BT netbook.

I'll keep trying to download a B112 version just for fun.


Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

On to other project for awhile

Hi All,

 So I just received a patch for the AA1, this allows the sdcards to come back up after a resume.

 File is here

cd /kernel/misc
mv pciehpc pciehpc.ORIG
cp pciehpc.sdcard pciehpc


Monday Apr 13, 2009

Function key mapping for volume fixed in OpenSolaris B112

Hi All,

 I have installed SXCE B113 on the AA1, AA1-10 and MSI netbooks.

I've just tested the new capability to set the volume mute, volume up and volume down Fn + key combinations via gnome-keybindings-properties.

The MSI and AA1's have different keyboards and key combinations, but they are all working now.

I've uploaded the gconf schema file here

You can install with gconftool-2 --install-schema-file=path_to_that_file, log out then log back in.

shift + F5 works to get you to an external display and back again.


Saturday Apr 04, 2009

Configuration file fixes for OpenSolaris B110 +

Hi All,

  I've upload the xorg.conf that works on the AA1, MSI, AA1-10 and Sumsung Q1 UMPC that allows compiz to work on the first login, note you cannot logoff and login, compiz hangs

The Samsung Q1 UMPC is actually running compiz really well, I've built xvkbd, I can now type with a stylus instead of keyboard, now I just need to get it to 800x600, the stylus is off by a few pixels.

  It also is having no issues with suspend/resume

  The system file works with the power.conf to keep the processor down to 800Mhz.

  I've uploaded the drm patch to allow for resume if compiz is running.

  gtar xvfj drm.tar.bz2

  cd drm

./ drm-suspend /kernel

New B110 + files

  /etc/X11/xorg.conf here

  /etc/system here

 /etc/power.conf here

drm.tar.bz2 here


Friday Apr 03, 2009

Samsung Q1 UMPC and OpenSolaris B111

Hi All,

It's been a busy and sometimes frustrating week.

The MSI is basically all working with B111 apart from the touchpad not working after resume and the special keys for sound, etc.

The AA1 is working apart from the sdcard (just testing a patch right now) and the function keys.

The AA1-10 I did an luugrade to B111, now it's taking about 20 - 25 seconds to suspend if I close the lid, I'm doing a clean install of B111 as I'm starting to not trust luugrade anymore.

My friend Dave Stewart gave me a Samsung Q1 UMPC awhile ago, I just got it out of the computer storage device (closet) and install 0906.B110 which worked pretty good, I had to build the myk driver.

 Then I followed the instructions to add the Sun package extras to be able to build. Total nightmare, ate the pkg management system.

I've gone back to good old safe Nevada B111, the touchscreen is actually working.

As this UMPC does not have a keyboard I'm going to build xvkbd, it will pop up a keyboard on login screen, plus any time I ask for it.

 It's been a while since I tried this so it may take a few attempts.

 Tom's work on Autoscan Network is magic, I actually got a vnc session to come up in the lower right panel, you can select a different machine, then come back into the gui, slick.

Anyway have a great weekend. I'm going to hang it up, two of my grandkids are coming for the weekend, Nona's birthday tomorrow.


Thursday Apr 02, 2009

Installing Autoscan Network on OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So I'm working on building a packaged version of Autoscan Network.

Currently you need to download the source bz2 file from:

1. gtar xvfj autoscan-tom-1.42.tar.bz2

2. cd autoscan-network-1.42

3. gmake

4. gmake install

5. autoscan-network-daemon should now be running

6. autoscan-network should show up in the Internet applications

7. Follow the autoscan network setup GUI

Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

OpenSolaris B111 on AA1

Hi All,

So somehow I screwed up an luugrade on the AA1, I've ended up doing a clean install of B111.

Apart from having to install the DRM patch, which should hit the next build B112, everything works great.

Compiz, suspend/resume, ethernet, wifi, even the two SDcard slots are coming up without all the errors at boot.

Shutdown is really fast.

I've found that ccsm to config compiz is having pygobject errors, if you just rebuild it ccsm works fine, I opened a P1 bug on it today.

Tom has ported Autoscan Network 1.42, I'll try and get it onto the new data store tomorrow.



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