Friday Jun 25, 2010

OpenSolaris B142 and blog access

Hi All,

 Just upgraded to B142, Darren was correct the sound issues have gone away.

I've got access to the Oracle blog page,  again, something to do with a nwam location I setup called "home", I went back to automatic location and I have access again. I'll have to look into the nwam files, see what I busted.

I have a 7" Android slate that I'm testing, it was $140 USD, free shipping from China.

It has Android 1.7.2, it's pretty good when it's plugged in, it still only gets about 1 1/2 hours run time with the screen off.

I'm still learning how and what you can change within the system, luckily with my own Android 2.1 X86 version, when I break it, it does not take much time to reload onto the hard drive.

I'm installed on the D10C 10" touchscreen Intel Atom netbook, everything is working fine and the performance is amazing.


Thursday Jun 24, 2010

OpenSolaris B140+ sound issues

Hi All,

 So I built myself a local OpenSolaris repo on ZFS.

B140+ has a sound issue when you login as a regular user, something to do with logindevparm again.

 I created a file in /usr/bin called sound, chmod 777 sound.

       cd /devices/pci\\@0\\,0

       chown dclack:staff \*sound\*

I just pfexec this from gnome-session startup.

B141 looks like a very stable release, with the Gnome 2.30 desktop.

I'm also using the osstat gnome panel applet, it's really cool

Thanks Alex


Monday Apr 05, 2010

DELL E4300 and OpenSolaris B134

Hi All,

So I received my Oracle Dell E4300 laptop, the Oracle internal applications (which are awesome) work with Windows.

I did carve out a 60 Gb partition and installed OpenSolaris B134, it works great in 64 bit mode.

The Dell laptop is built really nice, I can push both Windows 7 and OpenSolaris out to a 22" Acer LCD at 1650 x 1050.


Friday Mar 26, 2010

Location for Autoscan Network 1.42 for OpenSolaris

Hi All,

Anybody that wants Autoscan Network for OpenSolaris V1.42

ftp user anonymous or ftp

get autoscan-opensolaris-1.42.tar.bz2


gtar xvfj autoscan-opensolaris-1.42.tar.bz2

cd autoscan-network-1.42


make install

/etc/init.d/autoscan-network start

pfexec autoscan-network

I'm running it on B134


Thursday Mar 18, 2010

evtouch touchscreen driver on OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So I did find the source code for evtouch, it's designed for xf86 not xorg. I'm going to have to do a little bit of work to get it on OpenSolaris.

 I'll make a test tomorrow, see if I can even get the driver and calibration program to build on Ubuntu 9.10.

This 10" multi touch touchscreen netbook is really pretty for the price, about half of the other 10" touchscreens coming to the market.

I'll see if I can post a screenshot of the JavaFX Desktop Dock tomorrow.


Saturday Mar 13, 2010

OpenSolaris B134 on the 10" Multi Touch

Hi All,

 So no issues at all with the OpenSolaris B134 on the 10" multi touch netbook.

 Everything is working fine all the way through suspend / resume.

Next is to download and build the evtouch driver, I've already tested this in Ubuntu 9.10, works fine.

I've move into the Java Global Embedded Business Unit with my entire group from Sun.

The netbooks and MID's I'm testing are for a JavaFX based product.


Friday Jan 29, 2010

Evolution contacts issues on OpenSolaris B131

Hi All,

So I had to start the entire install process of B131 again.

Once I had the system installed I did a restore of my evolution data, the contacts would not work, no problems, do what I did on Nevada, just go to my source store, rebuild and install evolution.

Not good, ended up with an nss issue I just could not get around, evolution crashing on start-up, spent about three hours trying to fix.

I've restarted the install process again, evolution contacts are still not correct, I'll have to find out what's really going on Monday.

I can at least rebuild the system from the external usb ZFS drive in a short period of time, I soft link my Documents to a directory on the USB ZFS drive, I backed up the old Nevada /usr/lib onto the USB ZFS drive also.

BTW, I did get my offer letter from Oracle today, I'll be saying "yes", I'm looking forward to new adventures, it's been awhile since I've work on an SQL DB.

I am feeling sad for the good friends I'm loosing, but hope we can keep in contact, and wish them the best.

Hopefully my neck muscles will now relax a little.


OpenSolaris B131 on MSI, not good

Hi All,

FYI I did a B131 image-update on the MSI yesterday twice.

Both times the system craps out on pcie errors during boot.

Have not had time to debug or post bug yet.

I have rolled back to B130.


Nevada (SXCE) to OpenSolaris B131

Hi All,

 Still here, I've finally started to replace Nevada on my main laptop, the Asus C90S to OpenSolaris B131.

I stored everything of to a ZFS USB HD.

The system looks like it's running much faster.

I'll do a full report after I'm finished.


Friday Jan 15, 2010

B130 OpenSolaris - only resume issues

Hi All,

 So this may be my last blog entry as a Sun employee, looks like Oracle will get the go ahead from the EU next week.

 If this blog does go away, I wanted to say what a pleasure it's been working with you all on the Intel Atom Networks with OpenSolaris.

Checking out B130, you can see that work has been done in the Xorg and shutdown menus areas. It looks like it all works apart from the resume failure.

The new login screen is pretty cool.

I've been working on the Samsung NC20 all week, creating a platform for the JavaFX developers in my group.

I've been working on Ubuntu as OpenSolaris does not like the 64 bit VIA Nano processor.

Running Ubuntu through the ugrades from 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 and 9.10, I've gotten everything to work.

My main goal was to allow for 3G network access, I'm using an AT&T 3G Quicksilver USB adapter, you can see from the attached pictures, that 3G networks are totally configurable and controllable via the network manager.

I can turn off the wired ethernet and wifi, and just connect into the AT&T 3G network, I'm on the edge down here at the beach, so the speed is a little slow, but it works.


Friday Jan 08, 2010

OpenSolaris B130 suspend / resume AA1 10" and MSI U100

Hi All,

Happy New Year

I just did a clean install of B130 on the AA1 10" and and image-update to B130 on the MSI U100.

Everything works fine accept for the video on resume and ssh will not let me login as root, I need to go through the regular user first.

I'm working with engineering to see if we can fix the video issue, the systems are still live, the video trashed. I'll keep you all posted.

BTW I'm testing the VIA Nano based Samsung NC20, it's a really cool little netbook, I'm working on Ubuntu 8.04 currently for another project, once that's done, I'll fire up OpenSolaris see how it works with the OpenChrome driver.

I do like the full size keyboard and 12.1" screen (1280 x800), it's really thin and not very heavy at all.

Saturday Dec 12, 2009

Penmount Touchscreen driver Solaris 10 X86 and OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So I worked with Salt in Taiwan last year to get a serial touchscreen driver and calibration utility built for Solaris 10 X86 and OpenSolaris.

OpenSolaris drivers here

  Solaris 10 X86 drivers here

 As is they should work for most penmount serial controllers.


Thursday Oct 22, 2009

Military laptops, icons, cursors and other stuff

Hi All,

 So it's been interesting since I got back from vacation.

 I received a large military laptop to test with Solaris 10 X86, I've actually never seen a laptop with so much hardware capability or BIOS settings, Solaris 10 X86 was a stretch but I did get it working, video was never going to work up to it's full potential.

I did throw Nevada B125 at it, 1680 x 1050 and Compiz, Core 2 Duo processor, pretty cool piece of hardware.

I've been testing Fedora 11 on the Acer One 11.6", it's got the new Imagination Technologies PowerVR video chip, I'm trying to work out how to prove I use the H.264 HD decoder in the hardware not software.

I still have not found an open Xorg driver for this video, only Fedora, Ubuntu and Windows support as far as I can tell.

This video is also on the Intel CE4100 SOC, the Always Innovating TouchBook (I've ordered one) and the beagleboard (on the way).

I want to see if I can build a touchscreen system, that has a JavaFX desktop and will play HD content.

I've also just installed Intel Moblin on the Acer Aspire One 10", it truly is an amazing piece of work, did the install with no issues at all.

I must be getting old, I really don't like the interface at all, don't get me wrong the work is outstanding, it's just personal preference. The interface is really very pretty, I think if it was the first GUI I have used it would be very intuitive.

I'm upgrading all the netbooks to OpenSolaris 1002 B125, I just noticed it's actually Gnome 2.28.

I've been playing with changing the icon themes, creating ~/.icons, then downloading different icone themes from this web site.

If you download the tar.gz file into ~/.icons, then gtar xvfz the tar file, you can see the new icon theme in  desktop appearance.

I've been experimenting with creating my own theme, Daves-icon-mix, everything comes from the index.theme in the directory.

The Inherits line causes the system to look for an icon called for by the application in this order, if it cannot find it in the selected theme, works in real-time, if you change the order with your favorite editor and then save, you will see the icons change on the screen.

You can also download cursor themes from this web site and install in .icons.

If you want them system wide put them in /usr/share/icons

When you create a directory called default in ~/.icons and an index.theme, see example you can set the default cursor to use on login.

Have fun



[Icon Theme]


[Icon Theme]
Inherits=Mashup,GNANT,hydroxygen,AquiGNOME,Ultimate Gnome, hicolor,JiniBlueSky,gartoon,blendedcrystal,Kamel,Tango,gnome,nuoveXT.2.2,Vista-Inspirate_1.0,OSX,ClearlooksOSX



















Monday Sep 21, 2009

Acer One Aspire 11.6" with Poulsbo chipset - OpenSolaris 1002 B123

Hi All,

 So I wanted to test the Intel Poulsbo chipset with OpenSolaris to see if it was a solution to a fan less embedded product.

I could not find a cheap motherboard with the chipset, on my weekend trip to CostCo, they had the Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook for $278, what a deal.

Frys has the 2Gb 250Gb HD model for $379

Walmart is $348 for the same as I have.

I just wanted to test the chipset :-)

Anyway it has the Intel Poulsbo chipset that looks like it has a video controller from

This is a good writeup on the Intel Poulsbo chipset

Anyway, no 2D or 3D video driver for Xorg, the usb is really weird, keeps pushing the cursor into the top left corner.

RealTek Ethernet and Atheros wifi work.

I'd decided to change out the mini pci-e wifi for an 802.11n one, boy did I get a shock when I opened the hatch in the bootom on the wifi card looks like half a postage stamp.

Found a 802.11n same size on Ebay.

I did my standard install with Windows 7, just took 1/3 of disk for C drive, then created an 80 Gb what I thought was FAT32 partition, it came up as exFAT, OpenSolaris cannot month this.

Changed it back to FAT32 with Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 Personal Edition.

It said it did a format in place, there went my iTunes folder, Pictures and Videos.

Thank goodness I have the Maxtor OneTouch Mini 4 backup USB hard drive :-)

So I have the Acer One, looks like Panasonic has a ToughBook with Poulsbo.

How many other netbook type devices exist with the Poulsbo chipset ?

Is it even worth pushing engineering to get an Xorg driver for this video ?

Thursday Sep 17, 2009

FAT32 issue in OpenSolaris 1020 B122

Hi All,

 So I've been looking into this some more.

 The issue is with the windows folder "My Documents", having a space in the directory name.

The terminal command chmod is not handling it the same as nautilus.

If I create a directory with Windows 7 "My_Documents" then it does come up with read / write permissions correctly at mount time.

So now I have to put the "_" character in all my Windows directories, change all the Windows programs to find "My_Documents" and My Pictures, and My Music and My Videos.



I work for the Java Embedded Global Business Unit of Oracle within Java Industry Solutions group under Alliances and Channels . I'm focused on the Java SE Embedded and BDB for ARM and PPC across multiple verticals


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