Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Off on vacation

Hi All,

  I'm off for vacation for awhile, talk at you all later.


Monday Feb 22, 2010

B133 image-update fails on AA1 with 1Gb memory

Hi All,

 So I tried the pkg image-update on a B132 Acer Aspire One 8.9" with 1Gb main memory, the image-update crashed with not enough virtual memory error.

I did an svcadm disable gdm, from the console terminal the image-update worked fine.


Wednesday Feb 17, 2010

Request for mapi in Evolution on B132

Hi All,

 So what I thought should be easy is not, looking at the issue of mapi support in Evolution on B132.

I need to build evolution-mapi, openchange and samba 4, that's what I know so far.

So I'll keep going on another system, not the C90S laptop my primary.

Something I can afford to have to reinstall :-)


Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Fix for libglx issues on some system

Download this file

Copy it to  /lib/opengl/ogl_select/ directory

Restart the system

You should be able to enable compiz via desktop appearance

Friday Jan 29, 2010

OpenSolaris B131 on MSI, not good

Hi All,

FYI I did a B131 image-update on the MSI yesterday twice.

Both times the system craps out on pcie errors during boot.

Have not had time to debug or post bug yet.

I have rolled back to B130.


Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Windows Mobile and Google Android on one phone

Hi All,

 So I've been playing with this AT&T HTC 8925 phone, it's really cool.

Google Android is actually installed on the Micro SD Card :-)

Windows Mobile starts up then fires of an exe program which takes over and boot the Linux.

What's cool about it is if I take out the Micro SD Card it just comes up as normal Windows Mobile, why you say ...

The Google Andoid version on the Micro SD Card does not support bluetooth, which makes in impossible to use the bluetooth telephone interface in my Mercedes.

So I'm just going to have to reboot my phone if I'm going to be in my car.

Anyway it's a pretty old builg of Google Andoid, even if it is 2.0.1.

I'll hunt around see if I can find a newer version with camera and bluetooth.


Friday Aug 28, 2009

NEW SUNWatge Attansic ethernet driver on Nevada B122

Hi All,

 So I miss spoke about B122 working perfectly on the Acer Aspire One 10" with Nevada B122.

I found out I could not print via CUPS to a Windows printer using the ATGE 2.6.5 driver, but could print over wifi.

The Sun developer had just finished the SUNWatge package for inclusion in Nevada B123, you know me always up for testing anything new :-)

We have been having some issues on B122 for the last day, thanks to Saurabh Mishra,  we traced my issues with not being able to get the interface to come up back to the Adlink Gigabit switches I have in the lab, once I moved the cable to a Netgear Gigabit switch everything started to work.

 I can even print to Windows via CUPS again.

Thursday Aug 06, 2009

Nevada B120 will not suspend on netbooks

Hi All,

 I've been working on this for about a week and I can now confirm that the Acer Aspire One 8' and 10" plus The MSI Wind will not suspend if you install or upgrade to B120, the HD light comes on solid and then nothing.

For anyone with an MSI Wind, you can take all the \*8042\* mouse files from B120 /kernel/drv and install on a B119 system, this will stop the touchpad not working after resume issues.

Processor (thread) 1 will still be pegged at 100% however, something happening in acpica code.

Anyway I'm working with engineering to try and find out when and what happened that's causing suspend problems on B120+


Monday Aug 03, 2009

Touchpad hang on resume Nevada B119

Hi All,

So the MSI touchpad would not work after resume on B119.

They fixed the issue in B120, problem is B120 would not even suspend, just sit and hange on HD.

I've done a clean B119 install and taken the three 8042 files from /kernel/drv off B120.

No more touchpad issues.

CPU 1 is still pulling 100% busy after resume, but we know it's an ACPI problem, so maybe we can get a fix.

As I mentioned before, after putting the latest BIOS onto the Acer One 10", the problems with ACPI lid taking 30 seconds to suspend the netbook has gone away.

I have B119 with Evolution 2.27.5 and Firefox 3.5.1, it's a pretty cool system.


Friday Mar 27, 2009

Intel DRM bug hangs resume on B110

Hi All,

If you run the compiz desktop on any of the Intel Atom netbooks, B110 has a bug in the DRM code, that hangs the system on resume.

The Beijing Engineering team just asked me to test a patch fo this today.

I tested on the AA1, AA1-10 and MSI netbook and it works fine.


Friday Jan 09, 2009

Just for fun, Windows 7 running in VB on OpenSolaris

What can I say, just had to do it :-)

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

OpenSolaris B103 on Acer Aspire One, video and wifi included

Just installed (luugrade) B102 to B103 on the Acer Aspire One.

Both the Intel video and atheros wifi patches look like they made it into the build.

Luactivate is not creating the grub menu.lst file correctly and grub is not displaying the menu at all.

I'll try to work out what's broken.

Tomorrow I'll test the suspend/resume, this stopped working on the Asus Eee 701 pc after a pkg image-update.



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