Friday Jan 29, 2010

Nevada (SXCE) to OpenSolaris B131

Hi All,

 Still here, I've finally started to replace Nevada on my main laptop, the Asus C90S to OpenSolaris B131.

I stored everything of to a ZFS USB HD.

The system looks like it's running much faster.

I'll do a full report after I'm finished.


Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

Nevada B124 is so good

Hi All,

 Well I finally upgraded the Asus C90S to Nevada B124 from B116.

The speed improvement in incredible, Compiz 3D cube is coming up without any pause.

Playing a movie in Mplayer, then spinning the cube just shows the movie playing without issues.

It's got the Gnome 2.27 desktop, pretty cool, 2.28 should be in B125.

I've found a funny with rhythmbox and removable media, if I have any plugged in it crashes, have not had time to really look at the code yet.

Maybe it's the same issue with Songbird that will not come up.

This is my last Nevada laptop, everything else is on OpenSolaris 1002 B123.

Up to Canada next week for vacation with Grandkids, my big problem is I cannot work out which netbook to take, bad problem.

Friday Aug 28, 2009

NEW SUNWatge Attansic ethernet driver on Nevada B122

Hi All,

 So I miss spoke about B122 working perfectly on the Acer Aspire One 10" with Nevada B122.

I found out I could not print via CUPS to a Windows printer using the ATGE 2.6.5 driver, but could print over wifi.

The Sun developer had just finished the SUNWatge package for inclusion in Nevada B123, you know me always up for testing anything new :-)

We have been having some issues on B122 for the last day, thanks to Saurabh Mishra,  we traced my issues with not being able to get the interface to come up back to the Adlink Gigabit switches I have in the lab, once I moved the cable to a Netgear Gigabit switch everything started to work.

 I can even print to Windows via CUPS again.

Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Nevada B122 on the Acer AA1 10"

Hi All,

 So I did an luugrade to Nevada B112 on the Acer Aspire One 10" last night.

 As far as I can tell from a few hours of testing it's a perfect build.

All function key + are working volume control, brightness, external monitor switch.

Compiz is fine, suspend / resume is fine, I've even got virtual terminal working.

I've attached the instructions for turning on virtual terminals

Please follow the procedure to enable it if you want to use this long waited feature, and please read through before you take any action:

        As root or privileged user:

        # svcadm enable vtdaemon
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt2
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt3
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt4
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt5
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt6
        # svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/hotkeys=true
        # svcadm refresh vtdaemon
        # svcadm restart vtdaemon

        I guess most people are unlikely to use the lock screen feature
        (which will lock up your screen while you switch to other VTs),
        you can disable it by:

        # svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/secure=false
        # svcadm refresh vtdaemon
        # svcadm restart vtdaemon

        If you are doing the above in X session, please log out and wait for Xorg
        to restart. And then you will be able to switch between virtual console
        terminals and X sessions via hotkeys (Alt + Ctrl + F#).

        By default the first 6 virtual console terminals are reserved for console
        login sessions, so Xorg will start on the 7th virtual console terminal.

        There is an Xorg keyboard driver bug in build 122 which would occasionally hang Xorg during switch. It has been fixed in build 123. If you are eager to try it from build 122, please replace


        with the attached ones.

        You may also want to "pkill fbconsole" before you switch back to /dev/console
        (Alt + Ctrl + F1) otherwise your console will lose input. It should be done upon
        every reboot. It would be fixed when the new GDM comes in.

        Why is it not enabled by default?
        There are several console bugs like the fbconsole one that prevents the services
        from being enabled by default. Our team will continue to fix these bugs until
        it is prefect to be enabled by default. Now, if you want to use it, you need
        to enable it manually.

Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

Elonex Webbook - VIA C7 and Nevada B121

Hi All,

 So I took the Elonex Webbook out of the cupboard again, it ended up with a B112 build where GDM would not start but cde-login would work.

I tried doing a USB DVD install again and the GRUB still will not work.

I pulled the B121 iso across and did the lugrade on the B112.

GDM has finally started to work, now I need to look into the suspend / resume issues and the VIA C7 cpudrv issues, the CPU stays at 1600Mhz all the time.

Also will Compiz work on the new VIA OpenChrome video driver.

Next the Intel classmate PC :-)


Monday Aug 17, 2009

Nevada B121 testing (nightly)

Hi All,

 So i've been testing all the nightlyies of what will become Neveda B121. On both the AA1 10" and MSI Wind.

desktop-print-management-applet was looping, using 100% of the processor, I renamed to   desktop-print-management-applet.orig and kill the running program, cpu went back to normal.

The AA1 10" is working fine on Nevada B121.

The MSI Wind is working fine on Nevada B121, touchpad works after resume.

ACPICA is still locking up cpu 1 to 100% after resume, I'm going to check for different BIOS.

I have the AA1 8.9" on OpenSolaris 1002 B118, I'm going to look at local repositories and development for a customer I have in Turkey, they cannot afford to keep coming to our repository from Istanbul.

Also I need to build a headless distro for the BlueWonder Industrial Automation platform and a headless with Xorg distro for the JavaFX Jukebox / Digital Media projects.


Thursday Aug 06, 2009

Nevada B120 will not suspend on netbooks

Hi All,

 I've been working on this for about a week and I can now confirm that the Acer Aspire One 8' and 10" plus The MSI Wind will not suspend if you install or upgrade to B120, the HD light comes on solid and then nothing.

For anyone with an MSI Wind, you can take all the \*8042\* mouse files from B120 /kernel/drv and install on a B119 system, this will stop the touchpad not working after resume issues.

Processor (thread) 1 will still be pegged at 100% however, something happening in acpica code.

Anyway I'm working with engineering to try and find out when and what happened that's causing suspend problems on B120+


Monday Aug 03, 2009

Touchpad hang on resume Nevada B119

Hi All,

So the MSI touchpad would not work after resume on B119.

They fixed the issue in B120, problem is B120 would not even suspend, just sit and hange on HD.

I've done a clean B119 install and taken the three 8042 files from /kernel/drv off B120.

No more touchpad issues.

CPU 1 is still pulling 100% busy after resume, but we know it's an ACPI problem, so maybe we can get a fix.

As I mentioned before, after putting the latest BIOS onto the Acer One 10", the problems with ACPI lid taking 30 seconds to suspend the netbook has gone away.

I have B119 with Evolution 2.27.5 and Firefox 3.5.1, it's a pretty cool system.


Saturday Jun 13, 2009

Nevada B115, VB 2.2.4 and Ubunu 8.10

Hi All,

So I've been playing with VB and Ubuntu, I upgraded the Ubuntu to 8.10.

Here is a screen shot of Ubuntu running, it actually has Compiz turned on inside Ubuntu as well as the Nevada that has Compiz.

Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

Adventures with OpenSolaris (Nevada) B115

Hi All,

I keep promising myself that once I have my primary laptop working fine I will not touch it, why do I keep breaking this promise, I killed B112 in a way that I could not recover it again :-)

I did an luupgrade to B115, I have never seen so many svc errors during boot in my life.

So luck would have it, that I just moved all my user data and source store to an external 500GB USB HD with a zfs pool.

I had to do a clean install of B115, I've been reinstalling my software for about a week now.

B115 has the Gnome 2.26 desktop, so there are still a few issues, I'll have to check bugtraq and add some bugs.

I did upgrade the evolution from the 2.26 version to 2.27.2, it's a pretty nice release.

I did find some issues with the 2.27 gtkhtml module that is used by eveolution for creating, replying and forwarding mail.

If I use 2.27.2, then the drag and drop of attachments work, but check spelling causes the evolution to hang up.

If i use 2.27.1 check spelling works, but drag and drop causes the evolution to hang up.

Using truss on anything causes the desktop to stop resonding though the cursor is still moving.

I run dual screen with compiz on an nvidia card, 8 separate desktops.

The strange old bug is back, if I start a program from the gnome panel on monitor 2 it shows up on monitor 1.

If I start the program from a terminal on monitor 2 then it appears on monitor 2.

I want to think I remeber this is a PATH issue, but I'm still investigating.

Does not matter if I'm root or a standard user, compiz or not compiz.

Cursor staill shows up on monitor 1 if I go to monitor 2 fast enough, never noticed this before on B112.

I did do the upgrade to Xorg 1.6 as well, it looks stable.

So I will have to continue working on the program start up issue and why any use of truss looks up the system.

More later


Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Rhythmbox 1.12.1 and Ipod on Nevada B112

Hi All,

 So I took a break from "Real Work", did a little building.

Rhythmbox 1.12.1 with radio and ipod support.

Apart from the fact I don't want to hack my iTouch so it would mount up on OpenSolaris, the little Nano mounts up and gnome fires up Rythmbox automatically, I can play any of the sonds on the iPod.

The internet radio works really well.

I keep thinking about the iTouch OS 3.0 that I could hack onto it, I'll wait for the official 3.0 and pay the $9.95, somethings you just don't want to hack.

I finally got mplayer to build from the SFEmplayer.spec file, I'm playing the m4v movies I built for my iTouch on the gnome desktop, pretty cool.

I rebuilt Python 2.4.5 so I could build gnome hearts, my system performance has increased dramatically.

I installed VB 2.2.2, Windows XP and Windows 7 do come up faster from saved state, Ubuntu is so fast if you blink you miss it.

I've got the Intel Moblin installed in VB also, it's a fast booter :-)

I did upgrade my HTC phone to Windows Mobile 6.1, I hate those guys, it's really good stuff.

I did HCL the dual core motherboard, no issues at all with Solaris 10 X86 u6. Passed the HCL first time.


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