Friday Feb 05, 2010

B132 rge fix MSI Wind

Hi All,

 So to fix the B132 rge pcie problems on the MSI Wind you need to copy the B130 /kernel/drv/rge somewhere on the system after the pkg image-update, on the first boot after B132 update, copy the stored rge into /kernel/drv and reboot, the errors should go away.

For some reason the Xorg on my system is trying to load the 64 bit, which stops compiz running, you can just link the /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/GL/ back to the /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/

What's pissing me off, is during a restart the link gets set back to the 64/, not sure what's doing this yet.

USB sd card ready is not working now either, and cpu 1 is still running at 100% after a resume.


Friday Jan 29, 2010

OpenSolaris B131 on MSI, not good

Hi All,

FYI I did a B131 image-update on the MSI yesterday twice.

Both times the system craps out on pcie errors during boot.

Have not had time to debug or post bug yet.

I have rolled back to B130.


Friday Jan 08, 2010

OpenSolaris B130 suspend / resume AA1 10" and MSI U100

Hi All,

Happy New Year

I just did a clean install of B130 on the AA1 10" and and image-update to B130 on the MSI U100.

Everything works fine accept for the video on resume and ssh will not let me login as root, I need to go through the regular user first.

I'm working with engineering to see if we can fix the video issue, the systems are still live, the video trashed. I'll keep you all posted.

BTW I'm testing the VIA Nano based Samsung NC20, it's a really cool little netbook, I'm working on Ubuntu 8.04 currently for another project, once that's done, I'll fire up OpenSolaris see how it works with the OpenChrome driver.

I do like the full size keyboard and 12.1" screen (1280 x800), it's really thin and not very heavy at all.

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

SDcard mounting issues on the MSI and AA1-10 netbooks

Hi All,

  So I was having issues with SDcards mounting on the MSI and AA1-10, so I opened a bug on it.

 Guoqing Zhu from the Beijing development group was just logged into the MSI system upstairs, he found the problem.

  I had formatted the sdcards on Windows XP Home.

  Once I used his suggested mkfs command :

  mkfs -F pcfs -o fat=32,spc=64 /dev/rdsk/c4t0d0p0:1

  spc=64 being the correct parameter, all my sdcards started mounting and unmounting correctly.

CR 6760291

Bluetooth on MSI Wind Netbook with BT mouse

Hi All,

 So I followed the instructions here:

And actually got an Acer BT mouse talking to B110 on the MSI Netbook.

I think I've figured out the compiz issues it's to do with the xorg.conf

This one works here

I've built the compiz 0.8.0 binaries I'll try to find a place to store them for access (4.3Mb)

We have issue with resume if compiz is running on the AA1, AA1-10 or MSI, engineering thinks they know what's causing it and are workin on a fix.


Monday Mar 23, 2009

MSI Wind Netbook and Compiz 0.8.0 on OpenSolaris B110 - Success

Hi All,

 Well I spent the whole day rebuilding the entire compiz packages, I've got 0.8.0 on the MSI Wind Netbook.

 I still had to do a full power shutdown, but now it's back up and compiz is looking really good.

 I'll see about tar.bz2 them all tomorrow and post to this site.


Friday Feb 27, 2009

MSI Wind with B109, Autoscan Network

Hi All,

 So I did a BIOS upgrade to the MSI and B108 started to hang in the suspend again.

  Upgraded to B109 and the suspend / resume works again.

I still have three outstanding issues, touchpad not working after resume even my fix does not work anuymore, processor speed set high after resume and the usb SD / mspro reader is not being seen during insert.

I'm going down to CA for a week March 9th, I've setup to take the AA1, MSI and Elonex to LA to the Sun engineers supporting laptops for the day.

I'm also trying to port Autoscan Network to OpenSolaris see screenshot following of an Ubuntu system.

If I suspend the AA1 or MSI, Autoscan Network see's that it's down, you can actually send a wakeup across the lan and the AA1 or MSI will resume :-)

Sunday Feb 15, 2009

B108 on MSI and AA1, suspend / resume works

Hi All,

 Luupgraded the MSI and AA1 to B108, suspend / resume works again.

 AA1 is perfect.

MSI still has mouse and power management issues after resume.


Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

MSI and AA1 suspend / resume, OpenSolaris B107

Hi All,

So I've been working with the MSI and AA1 all day, tryiung to work out the issues with suspend / resume.

After going back to B104 on the MSI and getting suspend / resume working, finding out how to get the touchpad working after resume:

MODID=`modinfo | grep mouse8042 | awk '{print $1}'`
pfexec modunload -i $MODID
pfexec modload /kernel/drv/mouse8042

Looks like you need to do it twice ???

I did a clean install of B107 onto the MSI, suspend / resume is working perfectly.

The AA1 with B107 started working also, then stopped, then started to suspend / resume, I think it maybe the sdcard driver, but I'm not sure.

They are both great netbooks, the MSI has the 10" screen, plus you can just take the bottom of and get to the HD, Memory and mini pci-e wifi card really easily.

The AA1 is a little smaller so works really well on the road and airplanes.

I love the both of them.

I'm sitting down in my media room, watching American Idol of the HD DVR, just did a VOD of a movie for the first time tonight in HD via DirectTV, at $5.99 it was better than buying a DVD.

I'm using Vinagre to connect to the MSI up in the lab, changing the look and feel.

The laptop I'm on has B107, it's the ECS laptop with the dual core 64 bit and Nvidia card, just spinning around the cube to the different desktops.

Off for a week of ski vacation on Friday, the ski hill here in Washington got 7" snow last night :-)

My wife and 9 year old grand daughter will probably leave me in the powder.

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

MSI Wind, fixing the touchpad after resume

Hi All,

 So I went back to B104 on the MSI Wind, just could not really get suspend / resume working on B107.

 Suspend / resume works fine, the touchpad does not work after resume.

If I do this:

modinfo | grep mouse8042
grab the index
modunload -i <index>
modload /kernel/driver/mouse8042

Touchpad comes back on again

So I later found out you really don't have to do the modload, something, is doing it.

Randy F. gave me this:

MODID=`modinfo | grep mouse8042 | awk '{print $1}'`
modunload -i $MODID

I've just put it in a script in /usr/bin, I'll have to find a way to activate it after resume.


Monday Feb 02, 2009

Open issues with MSI netbook

Hi All,

So I just opened two bug reports:

MSI netbook touchpad does not work after resume

RAlink 2700E wifi driver (rwn) does not allow system to suspend

No open issues with AA1


MSI Netbook suspend / resume B107

Hi All,

So I found out that the latest rwn RALink 2700E driver does not support suspend / resume yet.

I swapped the ralink for an atheros card, you can get the MSI netbook with an atheros bg/n card installed.

Now suspend / resume works accept for the mouse pad that does not work after the resume.

This is what I'll be working on today.

I am doing a clean install of B107 on an AA1, just to check everything still works.


Friday Jan 30, 2009

OpenSolaris on the AA1 and MSI netbook


 I've tested the OpenSolaris BlueTooth stack with a mouse, works pretty good, on an Acer Ferrari 3200.

 The MSI has a BlueTooth device I just have not had time to test it yet.

 I don't know what fully supported means for the AA1, does everything work most of the time, Yes.

 Do I use the AA1 for my personal laptop, Yes.

 I'm on the MSI right now, just to make sure everything works, most of the time.

 It's on B107.

 With the clean install power management and Xorg (without /etc/xorg.conf) are working fine, realtek ethernet installed from dvd, I added the Ralink 2700E wifi after install.

I can see the webcam, turn it on and off with keyboard, but cannot use it yet, I never use anyway.

Suspend / resume is just sending me back to the login screen, I'll get it to work, it's a pretty cool netbook.


Thursday Jan 29, 2009

new Xorg 1.5 on MSI netbook opensolaris B106

Hi All,

So I'm trying to work out why the mouse is dead on the MSI netbook when I come back out of suspend.

I upgraded to the new Xorg 1.5 which will be included in B017.

The mouse and keyboard did not work when I started gdm after the upgrade.

I had to add these lines to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to get them back.

Section "ServerLayout"
        Identifier     " Configured"
        Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0
        InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
        InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
        Option             "AllowEmptyKey" "no"

Section "ServerFlags"
        Option "AutoAddDevices" "False"

Not sure if this is really the correct solution, but the Linux guys are having to use it also, Xorg 1.5 is supposed to use HAL to pick up keyboard and mouse.


Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

ralink 2700e on MSI Netbook

OK, so sometimes I'm brain dead.  has the rwn driver for the ralink 2700e.

Just popped out the atheros and put that one back in, works fine :-)


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