Thursday Sep 27, 2012

JavaOne - Java SE Embedded Booth - Freescale Technologies

Hi All,

I've been working with Freescale this year on both the Power Architecture (PPC) and ARM solutions to test Java SE Embedded we will have a special Freescale demo case I had built, in the booth at JavaOne is the Freescale i.MX28, i.MX53 and i.MX6 demos plus the P1025 Tower Power Architecture demo.

Freescale i.MX ARM

Freescale Power Architecture

This year we became a sponsor at the Freescale Technology Forum shows in San Antonio, TX, Beijing, China and Bangalore, India, FTF Japan is at the end of October in Tokyo.

It's really exciting to get to see what is being developed in the M2M and IoT space on the Freescale technologies, lots of products use the Freescale chips with Java that we don't even really know about like the original Amazon Kindle.

If you are registered at JavaOne you can come over to the Java Embedded @ JavaOne for $100

Come see us in booth 5605

See you there


Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

JavaOne - Java SE Embedded Booth - Servergy Hyper-Efficient Enterprise Server

Hi All,

 So it's been awhile, I've been working with all the ARM and Power Architecture partners we have now on testing Java SE Embedded.

We will have a Java SE Embedded for ARM and PPC at Java One next week, I'll be bringing in some of the great ARM and PPC systems to demonstrate.

 The first system I'd like to tell you about is a really cool 8 core Power Architecture Hyper-Efficient Enterprise Server from a company in Dallas called Servergy.

Java One will be it's first public outing, Bill Mapp the CEO will be doing a talk at the Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference in the Hotel Nikko, right next door to the JavaOne show in the Hilton.

To read more about Servergy

If you are registered at JavaOne you can come over to the Java Embedded @ JavaOne for $100

Come see us in booth 5605

See you there


Tuesday May 15, 2012

Technical difficulties

Hi All,

 So I'm having a few small technical difficulties here, I want to post some better pictures of the tablets and some movies of Java SE and JavaFX running on the tablets, we have a 2MB upload limit on the blog site, so I'm having to find ways of dealing with this.

 Basically Tom knows now how to build a Linux for a stock tablet we can buy of the web, it's been much easier with Marvell, Freescale and FIC helping us with techniques and drivers.

Touchscreen has cause Tom a lot of grief but we have single touch under control now.

Getting a wifi network manager caused him fits, but that is fixed also.

If someone wants to build a commercial tablet  just for Java, basing it on Linux and SE-E looks like feasible option.

Have been playing with Ubuntu and it seems to be a good option.

We are trying to pick what sort of ARM processor we want, single or dual core to start.

Screen size, I'm leaning to 1280 x 1024 to start.

What size nand to put inside 8Gb or 16Gb, what ports we want, USB, HDMI, do we want a 3G chip, which means we need a sim card slot.

Though all of these decisions always come back to price point.

In terms of hardware, there are several vendors who provide designs that can be used to build such a tablet.

More later


Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

Fun with Java SE Embedded for ARM and Java One

Hi All,

 So it's been a little while since I've blogged, I've been working on finding partners in the ARM space.

 I've been assigned to create ARM based components that will fit horizontally across multiple verticals, such as Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Smartgrid, M2M, etc.

 I've now found some really great partners who are willing to develop hardware tested to run with both Java SE Embedded for ARM and Berkeley DB (BDB).

Now I can tell you that all the partners will be a Java One in the ARM booth #5204 with running demos.

Our new partners Freescale, Pactron, Mobile Integration, Marvell, Softing and Si14 will be showcasing there products and how Java SE Embedded for ARM and BDB can be used to develop and deploy creative / cutting edge applications.

I'll be doing introductions of the partners in the next few blogs before Java One, showing you the unique hardware and potential application usage.

We will be showing multi core servers, embedded devices, development systems and tablets in the booth, so come and see us.

Great to be blogging again.



I work for the Java Embedded Global Business Unit of Oracle within Java Industry Solutions group under Alliances and Channels . I'm focused on the Java SE Embedded and BDB for ARM and PPC across multiple verticals


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