Saturday Apr 04, 2009

Configuration file fixes for OpenSolaris B110 +

Hi All,

  I've upload the xorg.conf that works on the AA1, MSI, AA1-10 and Sumsung Q1 UMPC that allows compiz to work on the first login, note you cannot logoff and login, compiz hangs

The Samsung Q1 UMPC is actually running compiz really well, I've built xvkbd, I can now type with a stylus instead of keyboard, now I just need to get it to 800x600, the stylus is off by a few pixels.

  It also is having no issues with suspend/resume

  The system file works with the power.conf to keep the processor down to 800Mhz.

  I've uploaded the drm patch to allow for resume if compiz is running.

  gtar xvfj drm.tar.bz2

  cd drm

./ drm-suspend /kernel

New B110 + files

  /etc/X11/xorg.conf here

  /etc/system here

 /etc/power.conf here

drm.tar.bz2 here


Friday Mar 27, 2009

Intel DRM bug hangs resume on B110

Hi All,

If you run the compiz desktop on any of the Intel Atom netbooks, B110 has a bug in the DRM code, that hangs the system on resume.

The Beijing Engineering team just asked me to test a patch fo this today.

I tested on the AA1, AA1-10 and MSI netbook and it works fine.


Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

SDcard mounting issues on the MSI and AA1-10 netbooks

Hi All,

  So I was having issues with SDcards mounting on the MSI and AA1-10, so I opened a bug on it.

 Guoqing Zhu from the Beijing development group was just logged into the MSI system upstairs, he found the problem.

  I had formatted the sdcards on Windows XP Home.

  Once I used his suggested mkfs command :

  mkfs -F pcfs -o fat=32,spc=64 /dev/rdsk/c4t0d0p0:1

  spc=64 being the correct parameter, all my sdcards started mounting and unmounting correctly.

CR 6760291

Monday Mar 23, 2009

MSI Wind Netbook and Compiz 0.8.0 on OpenSolaris B110 - Success

Hi All,

 Well I spent the whole day rebuilding the entire compiz packages, I've got 0.8.0 on the MSI Wind Netbook.

 I still had to do a full power shutdown, but now it's back up and compiz is looking really good.

 I'll see about tar.bz2 them all tomorrow and post to this site.


Slicing and dicing the HD in a different way - NTFS, Fat32 and ZFS on B110

Hi All,

 So I thought I would  try something differnet on the AA1 10 inch, Fuse is pretty good for read and writting ntfs but it does seem to kill the netbook sometimes.

 With this new netbook I've sliced the disk this way:

40Gb - NTFS - Windows XP Home, still have to run iTunes

60Gb - Fat32 data

40Gb - ZFS - OpenSolaris Nevada (SXCE) B110

 I'm trying to setup everything so the data for my user is on the Fat32 partition even if it is Windows or OpenSolaris I'm booted into.

I can mount the Fat32 partition in OpenSolaris and I've link my user home directory to it.

So I'm building compiz 0.8.0, see if I can get the MSI to run it.

Found another bug in gnome-system-monitor, on my big Asus C90S powertop says:

 Cn            Avg    residency    P-states (frequencies)
C0 (cpu    running)        (8.4%)     1596 Mhz    100.0%
C1            3.9ms     (91.6%)     2394 Mhz    0.0%  

Wakeups-from-idle per second: 237.7     interval: 5.5s
Power usage (ACPI estimate): 0.000W

Top causes for wakeups:
67.6% (160.7)               <kernel> :    genunix`cv_wakeup
42.1% (    99.9)               <kernel> :    genunix`clock
21.4% (    50.8)                  sched :    <cross calls>
 6.5% (    15.4)               <kernel> :    uhci`uhci_handle_root_hub_status_change
 4.2% (     9.9)               <kernel> :    ata`ghd_timeout
 2.4% (     5.7)         <interrupt> :    ehci#0
 2.2% (     5.1)         <interrupt> :    ata#0
 1.9% (     4.4)               <kernel> :    uhci`uhci_cmd_timeout_hdlr
 1.7% (     4.0)               <kernel> :    genunix`schedpaging
 1.6% (     3.9)               <kernel> :    ehci`ehci_handle_root_hub_status_change

But gnome-system-monitor only shows one processor ?

So much to test, so little time :-)

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

Gnome system monitor 2.26 on OpenSolaris B110

Hi All,

So I've been waiting for this for a long time, thanks to the gnome engineering team we finally have what Ubuntu and Fedora has Gnome System Monitir above 2.18.2, not there fault, our compilers had some issues.

I usually do a pull from the OpenSolaris gnome trunk every week

svn co svn+ssh://

Last night I found we had updated gnome system monitor to 2.26, I had to build glib 2.20.0, libgtop 2.26 and gnome-system-monitor 2.26.0.

Not that it did not have any compile issues but it was worth it, these screenshots are of the AA1 10 inch.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

Netbook testing with OpenSolaris (SXCE) B110

Hi All,

 So development engineering and I have decided to standardize testing on SXCE, this is to give us a clear view into the OS, without any of the major changes that 0906 makes to the standard SXCE.

I have a new category now the new Acer Aspire One with the 10 inch screen. They made a few changes to the hardware, first it has an Atheros ethernet vs the Realtek ethernet the 8.9" has, second it has a single USB attached SD/MSpro card reader vs the two card slots on the 8.9" on the JMicron controller.

I left my original AA1 down in LA, so we are now focusing on making the AA1 8.9", AA1 10" and MSI 10" work with B110.

Most of yesterday we focused on the new power management built into B110, we needed to change a couple of entries in the /etc/power.conf and add a line into /etc/system.


autopm            enable
autoS3            default
cpu-threshold        1s
cpupm              enable
S3-support         enable
system-threshold        15s
# Auto-Shutdown        Idle(min)    Start/Finish(hh:mm)    Behavior
autoshutdown        30        9:00 9:00        noshutdown


set cpupm_ti_gov_multiple = 5

I also found out that my old standby command kstat -m cpu_info -s current_clock_Hz only show you a single view of what the cpu is doing, powertop using a 5 second grap of the counters is the best way of finding out what the avarage cpu speed is.

We are now working on the sdcard issues on the AA1, also the USB sdcard issues on the AA1-10 and MSI.

You can see an sdcard or MSPro card inserted the first time, after you unmount, the card reader cannot be used again until the next reboot.

The MSI is now suspending and resuming and the cpu throttling is working after resume, the touchpad is still dead though.

I'm having major compiz problems on all the netbooks.

You can sometimes actually manually startup compiz, but the minute you logoff and try to login into the netbook again you just get a background and cursor, it never gets to the desktop.

I've also got the IGO1000 running 0906-B109 from the 8Gb CF, with 1Gb memory and Intel B/G Mini PCI-E wifi.

I'll replace with SXCE B110 sometime today.


Saturday Mar 14, 2009

OpenSolaris B110 on Acer Aspire One new 10 inch

Hi All,

  Back from CA trip, it was very productive.

  I typing this in on the new Acer Aspire One 10 inch version.

  I have B110 installed, interesting issues with disk partitioning.

  I'll blog more about the trip and this new Acer next week in detail



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