Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

Modifying my desktop look and feel

Hi All,

So I'm trying to build my own Android package, I've already got a good Android  ISO and USB install built.

I've got the Eclipse software installed on Ubuntu 10.04 with the Android plugins.

We are trying to get JavaFX running on both the X86 and ARM versions of Android.

My other team mate in Chicago has come up with some really cool JavaFX programs.

I took a learning break yesterday and rebuilt Evolution and the Gnome Panel on B142.

I took Evolution up to 2.30.2, with the gnome panel 2.30.0, I put the menus back to the way we first had JDS and integrated Evolution back into the clock. It was a fun relaxing exercise.

Now I'm back learning Android and Java, took awhile to get the Android plugins into Eclipse, but it's done now.

Another little project I started on vacation (you have to do something when your German family is chatting away in a foreign language to me) is called throttle launcher, it has allowed me to replace the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 look and feel on my HTC phone with one that looks and feels more like Android, this is much better than actually running a real version of Android on startup, the battery is lasting much longer.


Friday Feb 26, 2010

BenQ S6 MID and 10 " Multi Touch

Hi All,

 So I've been having some fun this week with a BenQ S6 4.8" MID, it's kind of cute, it's running Windows XP, I'll keep this one here until I get the 3G mini PCI-E modem installed, then I'm going to try a couple of Linux versions and off course OpenSolaris.

Not sure how OS will deal with the touchscreen, I already know how to build the onscreen keyboard for X.

Next week I hope to take delivery of a 10" multi touch touchscreen netbook, direct from manufacturer in China.

If it looks like it really is as advertised I'll let you guys know where I got it. Getting multi touch working on Xorg should be a interesting project, plus the touchscreen mouse and onscreen keyboard.

It's got a 300Gb HD, so I should be able to get Windows 7, Ubuntu and OpenSolaris installed without any problems.

Have a great weekend


Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Medialib (SUNWmlib) and Adobe flash plugin for Firefox

Hi All,

 So I'm just playing with B132 on the Acer One 8.9".

Even though I downloaded the flash plugin from Adobe and installed it to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins it would not show up in firefox.

I found out in the end that you need to have SUNWmlib installed for the flash plugin to work.

I also tested the attachment in the http://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=14099 , after a restart both the Acer One 8.9" and MSI wind could run compiz.

Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Windows Mobile and Google Android on one phone

Hi All,

 So I've been playing with this AT&T HTC 8925 phone, it's really cool.

Google Android is actually installed on the Micro SD Card :-)

Windows Mobile starts up then fires of an exe program which takes over and boot the Linux.

What's cool about it is if I take out the Micro SD Card it just comes up as normal Windows Mobile, why you say ...

The Google Andoid version on the Micro SD Card does not support bluetooth, which makes in impossible to use the bluetooth telephone interface in my Mercedes.

So I'm just going to have to reboot my phone if I'm going to be in my car.

Anyway it's a pretty old builg of Google Andoid, even if it is 2.0.1.

I'll hunt around see if I can find a newer version with camera and bluetooth.


Monday Dec 07, 2009

720P and 1080P WMV Videos

Hi All,

So VIA is ssh'ing into the back of the system, we are working toward the capability to play 720P and 1080P WMV HD movies, using the hardware decoder on the motherboard.

It's actually working very well, we still have some sound issues when playing the 1080P files, just a little crackling now and then.

The HD AVI of the matrix movie screen is working really well.

What HD formats does everybody want to see ?

We already know we need to support H.264 via hardware.

Also VIA is interested in what output ports you would like, they agreed on the HDMI.


Saturday Jun 13, 2009

Nevada B115, VB 2.2.4 and Ubunu 8.10

Hi All,

So I've been playing with VB and Ubuntu, I upgraded the Ubuntu to 8.10.

Here is a screen shot of Ubuntu running, it actually has Compiz turned on inside Ubuntu as well as the Nevada that has Compiz.

Tuesday May 05, 2009

Tiny USB BlueTooth dongle and OpenSolaris B112

Hi All,

 So I purchased a very small  USB BlueTooth dongle of ebay for $2.99.


 It came in a brown envelope from China, no instructions :-)

 I added it to the Windows XP Home side of the AA1 10 inch, I'm able to activesync my HTC 8900 Tilt.

Then I went back to OpenSolaris (Nevada) B112 and followed the instructions here:


When you wget the installer and try to run it on a B112 system is gives you an error that it cannot find http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/bluetooth/, what it's really looking for is a file bluetooth_mouse_(uname -v).tar.gz.

So I start playing with the script and get all the way to snv_111, it installs and asks you to reboot the system.

It updates /kernel/sockfs and /kernel/genunix, when the system restarts /kernel/fs/nfs gets unresolved dependencies, so you cannot NFS mount anything.

Anyway I followed the instructions for setting up the bluetooth mouse, and I actually got one to work.

So I went back into /kernel and copied back the backups of sockfs and genunix.

NFS is working again, BT is bust :-)

For $2.99 with free shipping it was an interesting way to add BlueTooth to a non BT netbook.

I'll keep trying to download a B112 version just for fun.



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