Monday Mar 08, 2010

10" Multi Touch Netbook

Hi All,

 So I received the 10" Multi Touch Touchscreen netbook from China, I got it from here:

It looks really great, I've got Windows 7, OpenSolaris B133 and Ubuntu 9.10.

Everything looks like it's working, though OpenSolaris and Ubuntu do not see the Realtek WiFi card, it's OK, I've got an 802.11n Atheros Mini PCI card coming in.

I'm using easyBCD to modify the boot manager in Windows 7, I can select Windows 7, OpenSolaris or Ubuntu.

 More later.


Friday Feb 26, 2010

BenQ S6 MID and 10 " Multi Touch

Hi All,

 So I've been having some fun this week with a BenQ S6 4.8" MID, it's kind of cute, it's running Windows XP, I'll keep this one here until I get the 3G mini PCI-E modem installed, then I'm going to try a couple of Linux versions and off course OpenSolaris.

Not sure how OS will deal with the touchscreen, I already know how to build the onscreen keyboard for X.

Next week I hope to take delivery of a 10" multi touch touchscreen netbook, direct from manufacturer in China.

If it looks like it really is as advertised I'll let you guys know where I got it. Getting multi touch working on Xorg should be a interesting project, plus the touchscreen mouse and onscreen keyboard.

It's got a 300Gb HD, so I should be able to get Windows 7, Ubuntu and OpenSolaris installed without any problems.

Have a great weekend


Friday Jan 22, 2010

B131 on Acer Aspire One 10"

Hi All,

 Just did an image-update on a B128a install to B131.

suspend / resume is working again, compiz is fine also without /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

Looks like engineering has been busy.


Friday Jan 08, 2010

OpenSolaris B130 suspend / resume AA1 10" and MSI U100

Hi All,

Happy New Year

I just did a clean install of B130 on the AA1 10" and and image-update to B130 on the MSI U100.

Everything works fine accept for the video on resume and ssh will not let me login as root, I need to go through the regular user first.

I'm working with engineering to see if we can fix the video issue, the systems are still live, the video trashed. I'll keep you all posted.

BTW I'm testing the VIA Nano based Samsung NC20, it's a really cool little netbook, I'm working on Ubuntu 8.04 currently for another project, once that's done, I'll fire up OpenSolaris see how it works with the OpenChrome driver.

I do like the full size keyboard and 12.1" screen (1280 x800), it's really thin and not very heavy at all.

Saturday Dec 12, 2009

Penmount Touchscreen driver Solaris 10 X86 and OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So I worked with Salt in Taiwan last year to get a serial touchscreen driver and calibration utility built for Solaris 10 X86 and OpenSolaris.

OpenSolaris drivers here

  Solaris 10 X86 drivers here

 As is they should work for most penmount serial controllers.


Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Nevada B122 on the Acer AA1 10"

Hi All,

 So I did an luugrade to Nevada B112 on the Acer Aspire One 10" last night.

 As far as I can tell from a few hours of testing it's a perfect build.

All function key + are working volume control, brightness, external monitor switch.

Compiz is fine, suspend / resume is fine, I've even got virtual terminal working.

I've attached the instructions for turning on virtual terminals

Please follow the procedure to enable it if you want to use this long waited feature, and please read through before you take any action:

        As root or privileged user:

        # svcadm enable vtdaemon
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt2
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt3
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt4
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt5
        # svcadm enable console-login:vt6
        # svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/hotkeys=true
        # svcadm refresh vtdaemon
        # svcadm restart vtdaemon

        I guess most people are unlikely to use the lock screen feature
        (which will lock up your screen while you switch to other VTs),
        you can disable it by:

        # svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/secure=false
        # svcadm refresh vtdaemon
        # svcadm restart vtdaemon

        If you are doing the above in X session, please log out and wait for Xorg
        to restart. And then you will be able to switch between virtual console
        terminals and X sessions via hotkeys (Alt + Ctrl + F#).

        By default the first 6 virtual console terminals are reserved for console
        login sessions, so Xorg will start on the 7th virtual console terminal.

        There is an Xorg keyboard driver bug in build 122 which would occasionally hang Xorg during switch. It has been fixed in build 123. If you are eager to try it from build 122, please replace


        with the attached ones.

        You may also want to "pkill fbconsole" before you switch back to /dev/console
        (Alt + Ctrl + F1) otherwise your console will lose input. It should be done upon
        every reboot. It would be fixed when the new GDM comes in.

        Why is it not enabled by default?
        There are several console bugs like the fbconsole one that prevents the services
        from being enabled by default. Our team will continue to fix these bugs until
        it is prefect to be enabled by default. Now, if you want to use it, you need
        to enable it manually.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

Hosed my AA1 10 inch

Hi All,

 So it looks like luupgrade is not working very well at all, ended up with B112, B115 and B116 on my AA1 10 inch, could not boot anything at all.

Good news is a clean install of B116 fixed the problem :-)

Everything works off the DVD but the Attansic ethernet controller, I downloaded the latest atge driver from, looks like they solve the problem of the netbook hanging up if you did a big file transfer.

Compiz is working fine, the Atheros wifi is fine, sound buttons are working without having to adjust in gnome-keyboard-shortcuts anymore.

Suspend / resume is working fine after setting up the /etc/power.conf, I've posted this is an earlier blog entry.

The suspend works fine from the right click on gnome-power-manager in the gnome panel, closing the lid does get it into suspend mode, but it takes about two minutes before the system actually reacts.

I just downloaded and tested the Intel Moblin v2 and tested on the AA1 8 inch, it looks really good, I'll load up a spare hard drive into the AA11 10 inch this afternoon and do a full install, I also have it installed in VB 2.2.4 and it works fine also.


Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

External audio jack, AA1 10" with SXCE B112

Hi All,

I just noticed the external sound port of the AA1 10" was not working with  a clean install of SXCE B112.

I installed the boomer rc3

Everthing is working fine now.


Saturday Mar 14, 2009

OpenSolaris B110 on Acer Aspire One new 10 inch

Hi All,

  Back from CA trip, it was very productive.

  I typing this in on the new Acer Aspire One 10 inch version.

  I have B110 installed, interesting issues with disk partitioning.

  I'll blog more about the trip and this new Acer next week in detail



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