Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

Nevada B124 is so good

Hi All,

 Well I finally upgraded the Asus C90S to Nevada B124 from B116.

The speed improvement in incredible, Compiz 3D cube is coming up without any pause.

Playing a movie in Mplayer, then spinning the cube just shows the movie playing without issues.

It's got the Gnome 2.27 desktop, pretty cool, 2.28 should be in B125.

I've found a funny with rhythmbox and removable media, if I have any plugged in it crashes, have not had time to really look at the code yet.

Maybe it's the same issue with Songbird that will not come up.

This is my last Nevada laptop, everything else is on OpenSolaris 1002 B123.

Up to Canada next week for vacation with Grandkids, my big problem is I cannot work out which netbook to take, bad problem.

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

Promotion came through

Hi All,

 So that was one of the most intense few weeks of my life, but I did get the promotion yesterday.

Principal Field Technologist.

One of 134 in the company.

It feels really good, I'm proud to have been voted into such a great group.

I'm looking forward to the new challenges and responsibilities this position will bring.

On the Nevada topic, I tested the latest B120 this morning, suspend is still hanging up on the MSI Wind U100.


Friday Jul 03, 2009

Latest Nvidia and other things

Hi All,

So it's been a couple of weeks, I've been working on trying to get a promotion, let me tell you without a lot of help from some great Sun colleges my documents would not be as good as they are.  I found it difficult to write about me, a lot easier to do product presentations.

I've been playing with the Nvidia driver settings on the Acer C90S, with the separate X server on the LCD and external monitor, with Compiz and 4 desktops each, I'm getting about 5000 frames per second running /usr/X11/demo/glxgears.

Rotating the cube is really smooth.

The external 500Gb 2.5" USB hard drive is working out great, it's has a ZFS pool which comes up all the time after I have to kill the laptop.

I'm having a problem with the 2.27.3 evolution, if I click on a large attachment it's locking up the system, still have not worked out whats going on yet.

I did do a B117 install on the Toshiba Portege R200 just for fun, the 2.26 nautilus sometimes does not come up all the way and you need to kill it a couple of times, looks like a timing issue, Compiz is not working at all on the Intel video, I'll have to look at this later, suspend / resume works ok, though the back light does not come up on the LCD.

I'm taking a couple of grandkids down to Oregon for a summer vacation tomorrow, back in two weeks.

Happy July 4th


Saturday Jun 13, 2009

JavaFX JukeBox at JavaONE

Hi All,

 Here is a photo of the JavaFX Jukebox on stage with the inventory Manuel  Tijerino and Jamaes Gosling.

Manuel built the case from 1/4 steel himself, there could be a fight in a bar, it ways 300 Lbs.

Manuel and a friend drove it from New Orleans to San Francisco in 35 hours.

You can see more pictures at

Friday May 29, 2009

JavaFX JukeBox at J1

Hi All,

 So about 18 months ago I went looking for a PanelPC I could run Solaris 10 X86 on.

I found two companies in Taiwan, Kontron and Penmount (Salt).

Kontron took an industrial 15" and 17" touchscreen PanelPC and changed the ethernet controllers so Solaris 10 X86 installed without issues from the standard DVD.

Penmount (Salt) makes the touchscreen to serial controller, the Xorg driver is actually in the standard Xorg source repository, but cannot be configured.

What's missing is the GTK based calibration program, this creates a file in /etc, penmount.dat that tells the driver which way the touchscreen is mounted and where your finger is on the touchscreen.

Elinsys our BlueWonder customer in Turkey, who is building the Glass Cold End systems for a new glass factory in Russia, uses these PanelPC's for the MMI to the BW1000 systems running Java Real Time.

If your going to Java One, you may want to see another use for the PanelPC, a JavaFX Jukebox, what the heck is that you say ?

Well if your in a rural area of the USA, say Louisiana, you probably want to listen to your local band vs. the top ten.

Check1Two has build a server that allows local bands upload mp3 music files to a Sun server, once they are on the Sun server they will show up on the JavaFX JukeBox in the local bar.

They actually have a USA patent pending on this idea.

JavaFX JukeBox

The band gets paid, the bar gets paid and Check1Two gets paid.

So this device is running standard Solaris 10 X86, with JavaSE and JavaFX.

The money acceptor is really connected to the PanelPC

Check it out at Java One.


Tuesday May 26, 2009

Netbooks and Dual Cores

Hi All,

 So it's been a busy couple of weeks. I sent the MSI netbook down to the engineers in Los Angeles, it was to difficult for them to try and debug the touchpad not working after resume long distance.

I received the 8Gb 2.5" SATA SSD from Transcend for the car dual core systems, Java One coming up next week has got everyone busy in CA, we will resume after the event.

  I did receive the PCI CanBus controller from Hilscher, the PCI104 version should arrive this week so we can look at designing the case for the components.

  VirtualBox 2.2.2 works really well on B112, it does however cause the dhcpagent to go crazy due to the vboxnet0 interface it creates. It's supposed to be fixed in B115. I just downloaded B115 installed and pulled out the dhcpagent. I'll test it for a couple of days, let you know what happens.

 The laptop (C90S) is so stable, I really don't want to upgrade.

 I did get to go up to Seattle and meet with some customers last week, it was fun to get out of the lab for a couple of days.

 I'd love to share with you all the really cool stuff I saw, but it was a secret project.

 One cool item is the JavaFX JukeBox may be at JavaOne next week.

 A start up company has build a really cool JukeBox based on Solaris 10 X86 and JavaFX.

Local bands can upload MP3's of there songs to a central server, once uploaded they appear on the JukeBox in a bar, people can pay to listen to the song or in the future download to a memory stick.

The customer is using the Kontron 17" PanelPC I had modified to get good chips that we had drivers for, the Penmount company also wrote special touchscreen  Xorg drivers and a calibration software for us.

They have just supplied us with OpenSolaris Xorg drivers and calibration software.

 Elinsys in Turkey is also using this for the MMI on the Glass Cold End factory line to control the BW1000 systems.

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Network manager for OpenSolaris

Hi All,

  So my friend Tom actually pulled it off. Thanks Tom

Hopefully the test tar.bz2 will be on

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

Autoscan Network 1.41 on OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 This is not my work, it's a really cool guy in my group, Tom Karbowski in Chicago that's making it work.

 And it's not easy as most of the code is in French, this is not to say anything bad about French, it is not our native language.

 This was the first run of the port on OpenSolaris B109

Compiz 0.8.0 and VirtualBox 2.2 (USB support for OpenSolaris host)

Hi All,

 So a kind friend lent me some disk space on the web, thanks Mr Blackford, you can find my version of compiz 0.8.0 at

Also I just started playing with VirtualBox 2.2 Beta, I just accessed a USB drive connected to my B109 Asus C90S laptop from a Windows XP guest.

Off course it abended the first time I tried, but we are getting somewhere :-)

Cool Stuff

Ps. Compiz is starting up every time now on the MSI and AA1-10 netbooks with the new xorg.conf

Sunday Mar 08, 2009

Webbook agenda for next Thursday

Hi All

I'm wifi'd in to the network at the airport in Seattle, having this AA1 be able to do suspend / resume correctly is magic.

So this is our technical agenda for next week with Sun laptop engineering group. I've added the suggestion speed startup and shutdown times.

Any other items to do with hardware issues, please feel free to comment.



Startup and shutdown times


 SDCard driver needs to be completed

How to get MSPro working

Mapping FN keyboard correctly

Strange video interference when in Ekiga video conference software that does not happen on Cheese


Not sure what state it's currently in Jan has got it

CPU processor cycling should be fixed

We will have to quickly test what's working again

This is a VIA C7 netbook

Mapping FN keyboard correctly


Processor walled at 1.6Ghz after resume, something is hogging CPU 1 not sure how to find out what it is doing it

Touchpad not working after resume

USB SD / MSPro card reader not being loaded and unloaded properly

Mapping FN keyboard correctly

RAlink wifi driver issues with suspend / resume, looks like MSI is using three different b/g/n wifi cards, I replaced with Atheros B/G

HP Netbook

Marvell driver issues (MYK)

NDISwrapper issues with suspend / resume (does not allow)

NWAM issues with NDISwrapper

Dark webcam under cheese program

Mapping FN keyboard correctly

DELL Mini9

I'm meeting a guy  in MPK Wednesday to help get his
DELL Mini9 working so we can add this to tested list

Will have to see what hardware it has.

AA1 10" version

I've ordered one of these but they are not in the USA (in black) yet

Changed the order to Blue should get it next Friday, hopefully it's exactly the same hardware as the 8.9" AA1 just bigger.

It does look like it has hatches on the bottom to change HDD, Memory or WiFi card, this will be much better.

Saturday Mar 07, 2009

Off to CA tomorrow with netbooks

Hi All,

So off to CA tomorrow, I'll be meting with Solaris X86 marketing about the netbooks, Thursday I'll be flying down to LA to meet with the Laptop enginering team.

I'll be taking the AA1, MSI and picking the Elonex back up in MPK.

We have a long list of issues to talk about, we are planning to pick a couple of netbooks to focus on, getting full Sun certification is the aim.

That way we will be able to create P1 bug reports if we need to.

Just upgrade my Asus C90S to B109 from B103.

Had some issues with compiz and the myk ethernet driver, but all fixed up now.

I"ll blog more from the road.

Monday Mar 02, 2009

Autoscan Network 1.41 on OpenSolaris

Hi All,

So my friend Tom Karbowski moved the ball down the field a ways with Autoscan Network 1.41 on OpenSolaris.

The screenshot is the GUI running with the network wizard.

This may take a little bit of time for us as the entire code is in French, a language Tom and I are not fluent in.

Funny how much you can get from code when it's in a language you understand.

Anyway we will keep trying to make it work.

Sunday Feb 15, 2009

B108 on MSI and AA1, suspend / resume works

Hi All,

 Luupgraded the MSI and AA1 to B108, suspend / resume works again.

 AA1 is perfect.

MSI still has mouse and power management issues after resume.


Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

MSI and AA1 suspend / resume, OpenSolaris B107

Hi All,

So I've been working with the MSI and AA1 all day, tryiung to work out the issues with suspend / resume.

After going back to B104 on the MSI and getting suspend / resume working, finding out how to get the touchpad working after resume:

MODID=`modinfo | grep mouse8042 | awk '{print $1}'`
pfexec modunload -i $MODID
pfexec modload /kernel/drv/mouse8042

Looks like you need to do it twice ???

I did a clean install of B107 onto the MSI, suspend / resume is working perfectly.

The AA1 with B107 started working also, then stopped, then started to suspend / resume, I think it maybe the sdcard driver, but I'm not sure.

They are both great netbooks, the MSI has the 10" screen, plus you can just take the bottom of and get to the HD, Memory and mini pci-e wifi card really easily.

The AA1 is a little smaller so works really well on the road and airplanes.

I love the both of them.

I'm sitting down in my media room, watching American Idol of the HD DVR, just did a VOD of a movie for the first time tonight in HD via DirectTV, at $5.99 it was better than buying a DVD.

I'm using Vinagre to connect to the MSI up in the lab, changing the look and feel.

The laptop I'm on has B107, it's the ECS laptop with the dual core 64 bit and Nvidia card, just spinning around the cube to the different desktops.

Off for a week of ski vacation on Friday, the ski hill here in Washington got 7" snow last night :-)

My wife and 9 year old grand daughter will probably leave me in the powder.

Monday Feb 02, 2009

Open issues with MSI netbook

Hi All,

So I just opened two bug reports:

MSI netbook touchpad does not work after resume

RAlink 2700E wifi driver (rwn) does not allow system to suspend

No open issues with AA1



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