Friday Jan 29, 2010

Evolution contacts issues on OpenSolaris B131

Hi All,

So I had to start the entire install process of B131 again.

Once I had the system installed I did a restore of my evolution data, the contacts would not work, no problems, do what I did on Nevada, just go to my source store, rebuild and install evolution.

Not good, ended up with an nss issue I just could not get around, evolution crashing on start-up, spent about three hours trying to fix.

I've restarted the install process again, evolution contacts are still not correct, I'll have to find out what's really going on Monday.

I can at least rebuild the system from the external usb ZFS drive in a short period of time, I soft link my Documents to a directory on the USB ZFS drive, I backed up the old Nevada /usr/lib onto the USB ZFS drive also.

BTW, I did get my offer letter from Oracle today, I'll be saying "yes", I'm looking forward to new adventures, it's been awhile since I've work on an SQL DB.

I am feeling sad for the good friends I'm loosing, but hope we can keep in contact, and wish them the best.

Hopefully my neck muscles will now relax a little.


OpenSolaris B131 and VirtualBox 3.1.4 beta 1 Truly Magic

Hi All,

 So I'm typing this in on Firefox, running on Windows 7 Ultimate, as a client on B131, VB 3.1.4 beta 1.

Man VB 3.1.4 beta 1 is fast, or maybe it's getting off Nevada and onto OpenSolaris.

 I've toasted my Evolution install, but I'll get it right in the end.

Mplayer is doing m4vs without any issues at all, full screen, GL output, great sound.


Nevada (SXCE) to OpenSolaris B131

Hi All,

 Still here, I've finally started to replace Nevada on my main laptop, the Asus C90S to OpenSolaris B131.

I stored everything of to a ZFS USB HD.

The system looks like it's running much faster.

I'll do a full report after I'm finished.


Friday Dec 18, 2009

Latest VB mounts iTouch in Windows 7 guest

Hi All,

 So I downloaded the latest development builds for VB today, not being able to use my iPod Nano in the Windows 7 guest has been bugging me for awhile.

I still cannot mount the iPod Nano under the Windows 7 guest, but it's starting to look more like an Apple driver / Windows 7 issue than VB.

I did plug in my un jail broken 32Gb iTouch and what do you know, VB saw it passed it to Windows 7 and iTunes jumped on it.

After a whole afternoon of playing with it, I think you need to have the guest running first before plugging in the iTouch or iPhone otherwise OpenSolaris grabs it first.

I'm testing on a Nevada B129 install on my Acer C90S.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all


Saturday Dec 12, 2009

Penmount Touchscreen driver Solaris 10 X86 and OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So I worked with Salt in Taiwan last year to get a serial touchscreen driver and calibration utility built for Solaris 10 X86 and OpenSolaris.

OpenSolaris drivers here

  Solaris 10 X86 drivers here

 As is they should work for most penmount serial controllers.


Sunday Oct 25, 2009

NWAM Phase 1 EA - looks really good

Hi All,

 So I took the Acer Aspire One 10" and installed or company VPN software.

 Jumped into the network and followed the instructions.

NWAM Phase 1 Early Access looks really good, it's got more buttons and whistles than I expected.

 I'm really going to have to test it some more, but it looks really cool, I'll have to build some profiles, see how it really configures.

  Looks like you cannot use it with the panel Network Monitor, the "Track system active interface" switch does not want to work.

Thursday Oct 22, 2009

Military laptops, icons, cursors and other stuff

Hi All,

 So it's been interesting since I got back from vacation.

 I received a large military laptop to test with Solaris 10 X86, I've actually never seen a laptop with so much hardware capability or BIOS settings, Solaris 10 X86 was a stretch but I did get it working, video was never going to work up to it's full potential.

I did throw Nevada B125 at it, 1680 x 1050 and Compiz, Core 2 Duo processor, pretty cool piece of hardware.

I've been testing Fedora 11 on the Acer One 11.6", it's got the new Imagination Technologies PowerVR video chip, I'm trying to work out how to prove I use the H.264 HD decoder in the hardware not software.

I still have not found an open Xorg driver for this video, only Fedora, Ubuntu and Windows support as far as I can tell.

This video is also on the Intel CE4100 SOC, the Always Innovating TouchBook (I've ordered one) and the beagleboard (on the way).

I want to see if I can build a touchscreen system, that has a JavaFX desktop and will play HD content.

I've also just installed Intel Moblin on the Acer Aspire One 10", it truly is an amazing piece of work, did the install with no issues at all.

I must be getting old, I really don't like the interface at all, don't get me wrong the work is outstanding, it's just personal preference. The interface is really very pretty, I think if it was the first GUI I have used it would be very intuitive.

I'm upgrading all the netbooks to OpenSolaris 1002 B125, I just noticed it's actually Gnome 2.28.

I've been playing with changing the icon themes, creating ~/.icons, then downloading different icone themes from this web site.

If you download the tar.gz file into ~/.icons, then gtar xvfz the tar file, you can see the new icon theme in  desktop appearance.

I've been experimenting with creating my own theme, Daves-icon-mix, everything comes from the index.theme in the directory.

The Inherits line causes the system to look for an icon called for by the application in this order, if it cannot find it in the selected theme, works in real-time, if you change the order with your favorite editor and then save, you will see the icons change on the screen.

You can also download cursor themes from this web site and install in .icons.

If you want them system wide put them in /usr/share/icons

When you create a directory called default in ~/.icons and an index.theme, see example you can set the default cursor to use on login.

Have fun



[Icon Theme]


[Icon Theme]
Inherits=Mashup,GNANT,hydroxygen,AquiGNOME,Ultimate Gnome, hicolor,JiniBlueSky,gartoon,blendedcrystal,Kamel,Tango,gnome,nuoveXT.2.2,Vista-Inspirate_1.0,OSX,ClearlooksOSX



















Wednesday Sep 16, 2009

FAT32 funny on OpenSolaris B122

Hi All,

 I've been working on the B122 OpenSolaris Acer One 10", I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on the first partition, FAT32 in the middle and ZFS at the end.

I mount the FAT32 partition via /etc/vfstab during boot.

My Documents is coming up in read only mode.

If I try to do a chmod -R 777 /shared_fat32/Daves/My\\ Documents nothing happens.

If I bring up nautilus and change the properties to read / write and apply to all sub folders, it actually does it.

I can now create files in My Music, My Pictures, etc.

Wish I could work out why ?


Thursday Sep 10, 2009

Windows 7 boot loader success

Hi All,

 So I have gotten the Windows 7 boot loader to work.

 With Windows 7 running I went into control panel, system, create and format hard disk partitions.

I set the Windows 7 partition as active.

On the reboot only Windows 7 comes up.

I downloaded and installed Easy BCD.

The second tab in Easy BCD allows you to create a Linux grub boot entry in the Windows 7 boot menu.

When I restart I have the Windows 7 boot menu with two entries, Windows 7 and OpenSolaris.

Selecting OpenSolaris then gives you the standard OpenSolaris grub boot menu.


Sunday Sep 06, 2009

Fix for Evolution 2.27.90+ default email signatures

Hi All,

 For anyone who has built Evolution 2.27.90+ , you may have found that the signatures don't stick to email account through restarts.

They have just posted a patch in bugzilla

Bug 593872 - Evolution forgets which signatures are assigned to which accounts

 I've patched my system and it works.

diff --git a/e-util/e-signature.c b/e-util/e-signature.c
index 1b22dba..2d8da48 100644
--- a/e-util/e-signature.c
+++ b/e-util/e-signature.c
@@ -445,8 +445,13 @@ e_signature_set_from_xml (ESignature \*signature, const gchar \*xml)
 		return FALSE;
-	if (!signature->priv->uid)
-		xml_set_prop (node, "uid", &signature->priv->uid);
+	buf = NULL;
+	xml_set_prop (node, "uid", &buf);
+	if (buf && \*buf) {
+		g_free (signature->priv->uid);
+		signature->priv->uid = buf;
+	}
 	changed |= xml_set_prop (node, "name", &signature->priv->name);
 	changed |= xml_set_bool (node, "auto", &signature->priv->autogenerated);

Friday Sep 04, 2009

Fun with Windows 7 and OpenSolaris

Hi All,

 So as I did a full reinstall of OpenSolaris 1002 B122, I decided to install Windows 7 over the Windows XP Home also.

I sliced the disk into three partitions:

0 NTFS 40Gb - Windows 7

  1 FAT32 40Gb

  2 ZFS 50Gb - OpenSolaris

  I placed my iTunes folder in the FAT32 partition.

  I mount the FAT32 partition to a directory in OpenSolaris during boot.

I modified the /etc/vfstab file adding this line:

/dev/dsk/c9t0d0p2 -        /shared_fat32    pcfs    -    yes    -

  It's interesting how OpenSolaris has a larger channel number than SXCE.

  After building the faac, faad and mp3 plugins, I can actually see and play the iTunes songs from OpenSolaris rhythmbox.

  Now I just have to go into the Windows side if I need to buy music from Apple.


Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Moved from SXCE to OpenSolaris 1002 B121

Hi All,

So it's taken about a week now, I've moved all the netbooks I have off SXCE to OpenSolaris 1002 B121.

I have the MSI Wind U100, Acer Aspire One 8' and 10" with clean installs.

So from now on I just have to say OpenSolaris not Nevada.

Only issue I really had was the Attansic controller on the AA10, I already had the SUNWatge package from B123 and just added it.

I've been doing the installs of USB sticks which is really much better than having to attach an external USB drive.

I've been working with an external laptop Blu Ray device that I picked up of EBay for about $50.

It's working really good on a desktop, I was hoping one day to add it to my Asus C90S one day and play Blu Ray movies.


Friday Aug 28, 2009

NEW SUNWatge Attansic ethernet driver on Nevada B122

Hi All,

 So I miss spoke about B122 working perfectly on the Acer Aspire One 10" with Nevada B122.

I found out I could not print via CUPS to a Windows printer using the ATGE 2.6.5 driver, but could print over wifi.

The Sun developer had just finished the SUNWatge package for inclusion in Nevada B123, you know me always up for testing anything new :-)

We have been having some issues on B122 for the last day, thanks to Saurabh Mishra,  we traced my issues with not being able to get the interface to come up back to the Adlink Gigabit switches I have in the lab, once I moved the cable to a Netgear Gigabit switch everything started to work.

 I can even print to Windows via CUPS again.

Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

Elonex Webbook - VIA C7 and Nevada B121

Hi All,

 So I took the Elonex Webbook out of the cupboard again, it ended up with a B112 build where GDM would not start but cde-login would work.

I tried doing a USB DVD install again and the GRUB still will not work.

I pulled the B121 iso across and did the lugrade on the B112.

GDM has finally started to work, now I need to look into the suspend / resume issues and the VIA C7 cpudrv issues, the CPU stays at 1600Mhz all the time.

Also will Compiz work on the new VIA OpenChrome video driver.

Next the Intel classmate PC :-)


Monday Aug 17, 2009

Preparing for 802.11n networking

Hi All,

 So I've upgraded all my lab wireless network gateways to Netgear with 802.11n capabilities.

As we are getting closer to having 802.11n for OpenSolaris I wanted to get the MSI Wind and AA1 10" ready for testing.

I had been using a USB and Mini PCI-E TP-Link hardware to get to 300 Mbps, not sure we will ever get a driver for OpenSolaris here.

I jumped on Ebay and got a couple of AR5008E-3NX Atheros Mini PCI-E cards for $29.99 each, free shipping from China.

 It took a while but I finally found the Atheros WiFi client and driver for Windows XP.

 Look for this zip file :

The standard Windows XP driver does not let you go above 54Mbps.

In the client you can select to turn of 11Mbps and 54Mbps, now the AA1 10" and MSI connect to the 2.4Ghz at 300Mbps.

Now when we get to have 802.11n support for the ATH driver on OpenSolaris I already know the high speed internal card and gateway work.



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